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The streets Seattle plans to plow + City site tracks which streets have been plowed recently

Are you waiting for SDOT crews to clear your street? Well, you should probably check this map to see if they are ever coming: SDOT also has an interactive map that will be updated to let you know which streets … Continue reading

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You can now take a bus hiking on weekends, and there are spaces for bikes

King County Metro and King County Parks have partnered to launch a new transit-to-trailheads service that starts tomorrow. And each shuttle will have two spaces for bicycles. The shuttle starts at Issaquah Transit Center and makes stops at trailheads throughout … Continue reading

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Person biking critically injured in collision at 65th and Ravenna Blvd- UPDATED

A 48-year-old man biking in Ravenna was critically injured in a collision with someone driving a King County Metro VanPool vehicle this morning on NE 65th Street near Ravenna Boulevard. Though few details have been released, Seattle Police say the … Continue reading

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Watch: Khatsini explains the power of the bike/bus combo

King County has been producing a series of short videos highlighting different ways of getting around town by walking, biking and transit. We already pointed you to their video featuring family cycling and Greenwood’s G&O Family Cyclery. In their latest … Continue reading

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Man biking at Rainier/Jackson seriously injured in collision with Metro bus

Police are investigating a collision Monday morning that sent a 26-year-old man on a bike to Harborview with life-threatening injuries. A Metro trolly bus and the injured man collided shortly before 8 a.m. A reader reported (caution: graphic images) that … Continue reading

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Seattle votes to charge $60 per car to fund transit

Seattle finally passed a Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1. After a very disappointing loss in King County during the spring, Seattle decided to run its own version of the car tabs and sales tax measure intended to avoid transit cuts … Continue reading

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Vote Yes on Prop 1 (duh) + Ballot Party Wednesday

At a time when King County’s population is booming, we need our transit service to boom with it. Cutting Metro service by 17 percent is simply not an option. Your ballot should be in your mailbox very soon if it … Continue reading

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Nearly all Sound Transit buses will soon be able to carry 3 bikes instead of 2

Sound Transit operates many popular regional express bus routes connecting major employment and residential centers quickly and easily. But, as express routes, getting from your home or workplace to the bus stop or transit center is often the most difficult … Continue reading

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Woman spots her stolen bike on front of a Metro bus, gets it back

Beth Gunn returned home from vacation to discover something devastating: Her bike was no longer in the bike parking area of her Queen Anne apartment building where she left it locked up. “That’s my car, that’s how I get around,” … Continue reading

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County’s new on-demand bike lockers will secure more bikes, more of the time

King County’s new bike lockers have one key difference separating them from previous lockers installed in the region: The BikeLink lockers are available reservation-free and on-demand. You can get a card online here. The $20 card comes preloaded with $20 … Continue reading

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WA transpo package failure kills CRC highway project and bike/walk funding, hangs Metro out to dry

Though the State House of Representatives was able to pass a $10 billion transportation package late last week, the Senate decided to adjourn without considering the bill. The headlines in Portland are all about the CRC. The Washington legislature’s failure … Continue reading

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The case for a 23rd Avenue protected bikeway

With transit speeds and safety improvements as their guiding principles, the city recently presented early ideas for design changes to 23rd Ave as part of the upcoming repaving and complete streets project stretching from E John to Rainier Ave (see … Continue reading

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Big plans (and small immediate changes) planned for 7th Ave + An Amazon.com cycle track?

Remember when 7th Ave between Westlake and Denny looked like the photo to the right? That was fun. Unfortunately, the striping is almost entirely rubbed off in many places. And compliance by car and bus drivers has never been very … Continue reading

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Reminder: People with bikes ride buses free all week

From now through Friday, you can ride any King County Metro-operated bus for free. All you need is a bicycle. Here are the details, from Metro: As part of Bike Month, King County Metro and Sound Transit are encouraging people … Continue reading

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Seattle Transit Blog: People with bikes ride Metro buses FREE during Bike Week

Anyone with a bicycle boarding a King County Metro bus between May 14 and 18 will ride for free, Seattle Transit Blog reports. The promotion also applies to Sound Transit buses operated by Metro (540, 542, 545, 550, 554, 555, … Continue reading

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West Seattle school lands safe streets grant + Last day to comment on Delridge changes

School communities in West Seattle keep taking big steps to make it safe for kids to walk and bike to school. In fact, for as much as North Seattle schools get (well deserved) attention for their walk and bike programs, … Continue reading

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Letter to the King County Council: Save Metro buses for the sake of bicycling

UPDATE: It would appear this letter was soooo persuasive, the King County Council announced they would pass the $20 charge within an hour and a half of this post…. Good work everyone who battled to get this done without going … Continue reading

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Metro replacing bus bike rack arms + the mayor tweets about bike sharing

The outside arms on King County’s relatively new three-bike racks on the front of their buses are wearing out far more quickly than expected. The racks are still under warranty, so the manufacturer is sending replacement parts. However, you may … Continue reading

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How was day one of the Burke-Gilman closure? + VIDEO

Well, it’s day two of the Burke-Gilman Trail closure. How is it going so far? How was the detour? Were there open spaces on the bus bike racks? Were there any conflicts between buses and bicyclists in the bus lanes … Continue reading

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Metro and SDOT keep bicycle groups in the dark about rushed Howell St plans

If you have been on Howell St in the past week or so, you may have noticed spray paint markings on the pavement between 9th Ave and Stewart. This key bicycle route from downtown to Eastlake Ave, Fairview Ave E, … Continue reading

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