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People who don’t let snow stop them from biking offer some advice

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is by Emma Scher through our partnership with UW’s Community News Lab journalism course. Heather Eliason wore spikes on her shoes to help her slow down and gain traction on the ice when she biked on snowy … Continue reading

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The streets Seattle plans to plow + City site tracks which streets have been plowed recently

Are you waiting for SDOT crews to clear your street? Well, you should probably check this map to see if they are ever coming: SDOT also has an interactive map that will be updated to let you know which streets … Continue reading

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Some trails still slick a week after the snow stopped + Lessons for future freezes

Even though most streets in the region are clear following the massive snow fall last week, trails that are far from salt-treated roads can still be icy in spots. Much like the wonderful people who have volunteered their time in … Continue reading

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Sick of debris, W Seattle commuter is organizing Saturday trail clean-up

You have probably noticed that since the week-long snow storm, bike lanes and trails around the city are full of debris. The street sweepers are out there, but it’s going to take a while for all the bike lanes and … Continue reading

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Snow won’t stop the Riding Reporter (and many others) + VIDEO

The Riding Reporter‘s Anne-Marije Rook made this video yesterday in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood: With powdery snow on the ground and most cars staying in driveways or buried under snow in the streets, many of the adventurous souls who ventured … Continue reading

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Can biking save your snowy Seattle transportation woes?

Cars spin wildly out of control. Bus routes, when they run at all, run sporadically and unpredictably. This can only mean one thing: It has snowed in Seattle. On a normal day, riding a bicycle can make life in Seattle … Continue reading

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Reflections on snow, bikes and Seattle

Interlaken Drive, Thanksgiving Day: 36 hours later:Now that we’re coming down from our week of gorging ourselves with food and playing in the snow, our city’s retail front has transitioned into Christmas “buy everything!” mode, and man was killed with … Continue reading

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Snow and ice biking tips

When I lived in Denver, wiping and shaking the snow off my mountain bike before hopping on was just another part of my regular commute. I would ride slowly through the sludge and get to work faster and drier than … Continue reading

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No, seriously, stop driving (VIDEO)

Please, do not drive today. A big part of me wants to believe that, after yesterday evening’s commute from hell, nobody will try driving today. But that’s probably just not true. If you need more convincing, here’s a series of … Continue reading

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