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How to prepare for biking during the first big freeze of the season

Obvious challenges aside, biking in freezing weather can be a lot of fun. It’s also an excellent cure for cabin fever. Today’s flurries mostly failed to stick to roadways and paths, and people in Seattle have reported clear routes during … Continue reading

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Ahead of January’s traffic crunch downtown, here’s some advice for first-time winter bike commuters

Is it the Period of Maximum Constraint or the Seattle Squeeze or the Jenny Jam? Doesn’t really matter what you call it (well, Mayor Jenny Durkan would really like you to call it the Seattle Squeeze), you should be figuring … Continue reading

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Fremont Bridge bike counter records 900,985 bike trips in first year

In its first full year of operation, the Fremont Bridge bike counter recorded 900,985 trips across the bridge. As might be expected, July was the bikiest month of the year with 117,974 trips, but May, June and August all clocked … Continue reading

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Time change means darker evening commutes ahead

I hope you enjoyed the extra glimmers of light during your morning commute today, because you traded some light on the way home to get it. Due to the end of daylight savings time over the weekend, sunset Monday will … Continue reading

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How to bike in the Seattle rain

One of the best parts about living in Seattle is that you can easily bike year-round. It rarely drops below freezing in the winter, and it never gets too hot to bike in the summer. However, from October through June, … Continue reading

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Bellevue and the UW want to help you keep biking all winter

A bike commute in the Seattle region is like a daily shot of sunshine. I can’t imagine NOT biking during long, dark winters here. The daily exercise and fresh, perhaps misty, air keeps a smile on my face even when … Continue reading

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