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For some reason, we are still adjusting our clocks so that evening commutes are in the dark

Washington, Oregon and California have all passed laws saying that they are ready to switch to permanent Daylight Saving Time, but we still need to meaninglessly and abruptly plunge the evening commute into darkness next week because Congress has not … Continue reading

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Obligatory end of Daylight Saving Time bike lights post

Sunset is at 4:45 today. 4:45! That means the typical evening commute will happen in the dark and twilight hours for the next several months. So lets talk about bike lights. Longtime readers may remember previous posts about bike lights … Continue reading

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Time change means darker evening commutes ahead

I hope you enjoyed the extra glimmers of light during your morning commute today, because you traded some light on the way home to get it. Due to the end of daylight savings time over the weekend, sunset Monday will … Continue reading

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