How bikeable are the roads and paths near you? – UPDATED

PM UPDATE: It sounds like a lot untreated surfaces have turned to smooth ice after sundown. Take care.

Photo of the author in a winter coat in front of a cargo bike with hockey sticks attached to it. There is snow all around.I biked to play hockey last night, and the roads between the U District and Kraken Community Iceplex in Northgate were in fairly good condition. As noted in our post yesterday, the city prioritizes arterial streets and bus routes for plowing and treating. So I followed my own advice and stuck to the roads that the city’s real-time slow plow map noted as being recently treated. And it worked! The sketchiest parts of the whole ride were the neighborhood streets near my house and the parking lot access roads at the rink.

But just be aware that the forecast says it will stay below freezing for the next couple days, so uncleared and untreated surfaces can easily turn to ice. Metal surfaces and bridges typically freeze first.

Bob Svercl shared this morning’s road conditions for folks biking from Beacon Hill to downtown. Remember that if a bike lane is not cleared, you can and should ride in the general traffic lanes. Take the space you need to be safe, and don’t feel the need to hug the side of the road. Your safety is paramount.

The status of trails across the region are mostly unknown. Many trails are likely untreated and might be icy. The Sumner Link Trail will be closed through the weekend due to flooding concerns:

Let us know the status of biking conditions where you are. The weather forecast suggests that the current conditions will likely linger for the next couple days. If there are any particularly problematic spots where you worry someone might get hurt, definitely say something in the comments below and attempt to report it to your local government. In Seattle, you can use Find It Fix It or call 206.684-ROAD to file a work request.


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    Anybody seen how the 520 bridge trail looks?

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