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How to help fight for transit and local transportation funding by defeating I-976

Washington’s most famous Office Depot chair thief also wants to take our voter-approved transit and local transportation funding. We must defeat I-976. Basically, Tim Eyman’s initiative would preempt local governments and agencies in places where voters have approved using vehicle … Continue reading

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Upcoming weekend Link closures a good chance to try biking + Last chance to take station access survey

In order to complete work necessary to connect the existing light rail line to the under-construction East Link line, Sound Transit will not operate trains between Capitol Hill and Sodo Stations for three upcoming weekends: October 12-13, October 26-27, and … Continue reading

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Family of Derek Blaylock files suit against city, Sound Transit and contractors after 2016 death near Northgate Station

Derek Blaylock drove his son to school the morning of September 21, 2016, then grabbed his bike and rode to Northgate Transit Center to catch a bus to work. On the way home, he was biking from the transit center … Continue reading

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Redesigned Northgate bike/walk bridge construction should start middle of this year

Crossing I-5 in Northgate is terrible today. The freeway divides the neighborhood, and the few places where crossing on foot or bike is possible are either far apart or very stressful. So as the region prepares to open a light … Continue reading

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West Seattle Link might destroy the Sodo Trail, but that could be a good thing

SDOT has been planning an extension of the Sodo Trail to reach Spokane St under the West Seattle Bridge for a while now, but that work could take a major turn if Sound Transit chooses a West Seattle light rail … Continue reading

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Sound Transit settlement could help fund safe Mercer Island bike/walk station access

Mercer Island’s decision to sue Sound Transit and WSDOT in large part over HOV lane access on I-90 did not make the island a lot friends among people across the region who worried the lawsuit could delay and add costs … Continue reading

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Sound Transit offers half-price access to Beacon Hill and Angle Lake bike cages

Sound Transit is offering a sweet deal on membership to two of its stations’ secure bike cages: Six months free if you sign up for a year. The catch is that you have to sign up by the end of … Continue reading

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Cascade: Redmond stations are a chance to go all out on Sound Transit station access

Transit works better when people can get to the stations. This might seem like an extremely obvious point, but many of the region’s biggest rail and express bus stations have awful walking and biking access problems. Like truly awful: And … Continue reading

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Sound Transit 3 is not about light rail, it’s about bringing our region closer together

So much of the debating over the Sound Transit 3 vote has been about taxes or traffic or whether buses are better than trains or whether the size of the package is too ambitious. These points are all missing what’s … Continue reading

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Man killed and woman seriously injured in shared-bike collision with bus

A man and woman sharing a bike collided with a Sound Transit bus at 5th and Main at 10:40 p.m. Saturday night. The woman was seriously injured, but conscious at the scene. The man died. Our condolences to his friends … Continue reading

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Cascade calls for more bike/walk station access funds in ST3

Sound Transit’s latest ballot measure draft would spend $661 million in transit funds to build car parking near stations. Seattle Transit Blog did the math and found that each new parking space would cost $80,000. To put that in perspective, … Continue reading

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Bike-and-Ride: New bike cage opens at Beacon Hill Station

If you live or work within an easy bike ride of Beacon Hill Station, you no longer need to lock your beloved ride outside all day or night exposed to theft, vandalism and weather. Sound Transit has opened a new … Continue reading

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With U Link, combining bikes and transit just got even more powerful

University of Washington Station opened Saturday and immediately assumed its role as the bikiest light rail station in the region. The bike parking was overflowing during Saturday’s opening celebration. Even the additional free valet bike parking space provided for the … Continue reading

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U Link opening is the perfect chance to show Seattle why they bought Pronto

Now that the city owns Pronto (or will very soon, anyway), the people of Seattle need to understand why they bought it. Well, Saturday, big crowds are expected to turn out at Capitol Hill and UW Stations for the long-awaited … Continue reading

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Reopened street near Capitol Hill Station improves access to Broadway Bikeway

The north end of the Broadway Bikeway just became infinitely more useful as construction crews finally reopened Denny Way between Broadway, 10th Ave and Cal Anderson Park. Closed for years to build Capitol Hill Station, this section of Denny Way … Continue reading

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Sound Transit says ‘No’ to cargo bikes on light rail, families push back

Nap time happens when nap time happens. For families who get around town on larger kid-hauling bikes, transit can be a lifeline. Get trapped across town when the clouds open up? Nap time arrives with miles left to bike? Kids … Continue reading

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U District Station open house will discuss bike access

Tunneling for the Northgate Link extension is on schedule for completion this year, meaning station construction work will begin shortly after. So now is the time to make sure bike parking and safe bike route connections are not only included … Continue reading

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Salomon: Why construction can’t just close a neighborhood greenway without a safe detour

EDITOR’S NOTE: Andres is a family-biking father dedicated to safe streets. He’s the leader of NE Seattle Greenways and sometimes contributes to Seattle Bike Blog. I encountered this closure the other day on a ride with several people, including Madi … Continue reading

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Sound Transit will finally* open that awesome bike/walk bridge over Montlake Blvd Wednesday

UPDATE 7/22: It’s open! And with a quick snip from the @kcexec, the new bike/ped bridge @UW is open! pic.twitter.com/VFZWdvx4OB — Sound Transit (@SoundTransit) July 22, 2015 The core structure over Montlake Boulevard was built years ago, but the unfinished … Continue reading

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Sound Transit wants to allow more time to find Northgate bike/walk bridge funds

The Northgate biking and walking bridge would connect North Seattle Community College and its surrounding neighborhood to Sound Transit’s planned light rail station on the opposite side of I-5. It would also provide a rare comfortable crossing of the wide … Continue reading

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