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Jose Rizal bridge bike lane is in place, another harrowing slip lane closed

The painted bike lane is now in place on the Dr. Jose P Rizal Bridge on 12th Ave S, a big construction milestone in the 12th Ave Vision Zero project, which is creating a bike connection between Little Saigon and … Continue reading

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Crews are currently building Seattle’s most important new bike connection in years

It may be short, but don’t let that fool you. The protected bike lanes currently under construction on a few blocks of S Main St and 5th Ave S between the International District and the 2nd Ave bike lane should … Continue reading

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Downtown-to-ID bike lane options are proving difficult, city plans subpar route

Connecting the 2nd Ave bike lane to the International District and the Southeast Seattle bike routes beyond is proving to be very difficult. This connection is the single most important missing piece of the downtown bike network, and the City … Continue reading

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New downtown vision includes 4th Ave bike lanes, new transit pathway on 6th Ave

After months of talks, agency leaders have a near-term plan for downtown streets that both builds a two-way protected bike lane on 4th Ave and creates a transit pathway to keep buses moving once they are kicked out of the … Continue reading

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Man killed and woman seriously injured in shared-bike collision with bus

A man and woman sharing a bike collided with a Sound Transit bus at 5th and Main at 10:40 p.m. Saturday night. The woman was seriously injured, but conscious at the scene. The man died. Our condolences to his friends … Continue reading

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Dearborn bike lane improvements will connect downtown to I-90 Trail, SE Seattle bike routes – UPDATED

Dearborn Street is both flat and useful. So even though it is not packed with destinations itself and though it serves the motor vehicle network mostly as a way to access I-5 and haul freight, it is also a highly … Continue reading

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Man injured in collision with Metro bus on tough road to recovery

Daniel Ahrendt has a long road back to recovery. But considering what happened, things could have been so much worse. Ahrendt was biking westbound on Jackson and had just crossed the intersection with 14th Ave/Rainier/Boren when he fell under the … Continue reading

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Bike Master Plan Draft 2: Central Seattle

The last day to comment on the second draft of the Bicycle Master Plan is Friday. Email your comments to [email protected] This post is a continuation of a series investigating some of changes in the newest draft of the Bike … Continue reading

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Why the Sonics Arena should take bike access seriously

The proposed Sonics Arena in Sodo goes before the Downtown Design Review Board tonight (5:30 p.m. in the Bertha Knight Landes Room at Seattle City Hall). Regardless of what you think of the architectural design, this is a great opportunity … Continue reading

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Help the Bikery keep bike maintenance inclusive and affordable

The Bikery is a volunteer-run, inclusive bike project located in a strange vortex at 14th and S Main St where the Central District, International District and Yesler Terrace meet. For years, the Bikery has provided affordable parts and shop space … Continue reading

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Contraflow bike lane installed in International District

SDOT has installed a contraflow bike lane and “cross-bike” on 6th Ave S between Dearborn and Seattle Blvd S (AKA Airport Way S). Until this project, cyclists trying to access Airport Way S or 6th Ave S from just about … Continue reading

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Bike boxes headed to Cap Hill, International District

SDOT is installing bike boxes at three intersections to help bikes make left turns and avoid right hooks (see #5, #6 and #7 at BikeSafe). From the P.I.

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