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I guess I need to take back some of the nice things I said about the Neighborhood Street Fund… UPDATED

UPDATE: Be sure to read to the bottom of this post for an update from SDOT. This specific Neighborhood Street Fund project is dead, but the department has not abandoned this intersection, a spokesperson said. Yesterday’s post was supposed to … Continue reading

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Sunday: ‘Feast in the Street’ on Beacon Hill to support Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Eat food, listen to music and support the work of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Sunday, all in the middle of Beacon Hill’s Roberto Maestas Festival Street. Feast in the Street is a fundraiser for SNG that also “lets us re-imagine our … Continue reading

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SDOT quietly deletes key section from southend bike lane at the last minute, misleads the public about the change

In yet another hit to the already sorely lacking southend bike network, SDOT quietly made a last-minute change to the Columbian Way paving project to remove an uphill section of protected bike lane as the road approaches Beacon Ave S. … Continue reading

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Want some company biking downtown? Join these welcoming West and SE Seattle rides or start your own

Biking on city streets can be more fun and less intimidating when you are with a group. And riding with a group can be a great way to become familiar with a route and learn some tips before trying it … Continue reading

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After much study and some changes, Cheasty Trails and Bike Park gets environmental thumbs up

The community-led Cheasty Trails and Bike Park concept has been six years in making. With a series of walking and mountain biking trails in the greenbelt, project boosters hope to create much-needed access to outdoor recreation in a steep greenbelt … Continue reading

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Sound Transit offers half-price access to Beacon Hill and Angle Lake bike cages

Sound Transit is offering a sweet deal on membership to two of its stations’ secure bike cages: Six months free if you sign up for a year. The catch is that you have to sign up by the end of … Continue reading

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Work underway to replace S Holgate bridge staircase with ramp

The S Holgate Street Bridge is far from the friendliest bike route between Sodo and North Beacon Hill, but it is definitely the most direct. But because the only sidewalk on the bridge turns into a staircase at the Sodo … Continue reading

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Dad killed while biking to 2nd job, leaves 5 kids orphaned in Philippines

Ronacin Tjhung was working more than 60 hours a week at two jobs to send money back to support his five children in the Philippines. Those children, between 9 and 16, lost their mother in the terrible typhoon Haiyan (also known … Continue reading

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Bike-and-Ride: New bike cage opens at Beacon Hill Station

If you live or work within an easy bike ride of Beacon Hill Station, you no longer need to lock your beloved ride outside all day or night exposed to theft, vandalism and weather. Sound Transit has opened a new … Continue reading

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Beacon Hill trail is a big neighborhood greenway improvement

The Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway was one of the city’s first attempts at creating a great community-led neighborhood greenway, and it just got a lot better. This route was already one of my favorite neighborhood greenways in the city, connecting … Continue reading

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Tonight: Help Beacon Hill Safe Streets improve area near the light rail station

Beacon Hill is a growing walkable and bikeable community, but there’s one big safe streets challenge: Beacon Ave. (OK, fine, there are a couple more, too.) Beacon Ave cuts a diagonal across the neighborhood grid, creating many awkward or extra-long … Continue reading

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Hearing Examiner: Cheasty mountain biking and hiking trails need more study

Another Seattle bike trail plan has run into delays from the environmental review process, this time a mountain biking and hiking trail. After years of community outreach, heated debates and evolving designs, the Cheasty Trails and Bike Park cleared vital … Continue reading

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Cheasty Trails and Bike Park finally secures its $100,000 grant

The folks behind the Cheasty Trails and Bike Park project have been working for years to receive city permission and win grants to restore and activate the hilly Cheasty Greenspace between Rainier Valley and Beacon Hill. The idea gained a … Continue reading

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After years of public process, Cheasty Greenspace trails plan gets green light

After a years long, sometimes heated public process, the Seattle Parks Board voted unanimously to move forward with a pilot set of soft surface biking and walking trails in the hilly Cheasty Greenspace natural area between Rainier Vista and Beacon … Continue reading

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North Beacon Hill getting much-needed safety upgrades, new trail connection

Work is set to begin next month on a slate of road safety improvements in North Beacon Hill, mostly focused around Beacon Ave S between 14th Ave S and the Mountains to Sound Trail end point just east of I-5. … Continue reading

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Cheasty Greenspace mountain bike trail clears Council committee vote

A community plan to build sustainable mountain bike and hiking trails in Cheasty Greenspace has barely cleared a key City Council committee vote, bringing it one step closer to winning the Neighborhood Matching Funds it needs to become reality, Publicola … Continue reading

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Mountain biking in an urban forest? Cheasty MTB Park public meeting Tuesday

Tuesday is shaping up to be quite a packed bike meeting day. The Safe Roads Awareness Week kickoff walk is in the afternoon, then an open house for the second Ballard neighborhood greenway is in the evening. But if mountain … Continue reading

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A bike tour of the now-open Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway

Two years in the making, the Seattle Department of Transportation completed the Beacon Hill Neighborhood Greenway this month and officially opened the route for business and bicycling. Proposed by the neighborhood group Beacon BIKES (“Better Infrastructure Keeping Everyone Safer”), the … Continue reading

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So many bike meetings tonight: Beacon Hill, 23rd Ave greenway, Bike Advisory Board

I can only assume there was some kind of calendar mix-up, because there are at least three important bike-related meetings at the same time this evening. We have written previously about the 23rd Ave Corridor Neighborhood Greenway meeting (5:30–7:30 p.m. … Continue reading

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Parks Board will consider bikes-in-parks policy change, hear about neighborhood greenways

Volunteers with a dream of doing environmental rehab work and building a mountain bike park in Cheasty Greenspace will get the chance to earn the support of the Board of Park Commissioners. The meeting is 6:30 p.m. Thursday in the … Continue reading

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