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With U Link, combining bikes and transit just got even more powerful

University of Washington Station opened Saturday and immediately assumed its role as the bikiest light rail station in the region. The bike parking was overflowing during Saturday’s opening celebration. Even the additional free valet bike parking space provided for the … Continue reading

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U Link opening is the perfect chance to show Seattle why they bought Pronto

Now that the city owns Pronto (or will very soon, anyway), the people of Seattle need to understand why they bought it. Well, Saturday, big crowds are expected to turn out at Capitol Hill and UW Stations for the long-awaited … Continue reading

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Reopened street near Capitol Hill Station improves access to Broadway Bikeway

The north end of the Broadway Bikeway just became infinitely more useful as construction crews finally reopened Denny Way between Broadway, 10th Ave and Cal Anderson Park. Closed for years to build Capitol Hill Station, this section of Denny Way … Continue reading

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Sound Transit says ‘No’ to cargo bikes on light rail, families push back

Nap time happens when nap time happens. For families who get around town on larger kid-hauling bikes, transit can be a lifeline. Get trapped across town when the clouds open up? Nap time arrives with miles left to bike? Kids … Continue reading

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U District Station open house will discuss bike access

Tunneling for the Northgate Link extension is on schedule for completion this year, meaning station construction work will begin shortly after. So now is the time to make sure bike parking and safe bike route connections are not only included … Continue reading

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Salomon: Why construction can’t just close a neighborhood greenway without a safe detour

EDITOR’S NOTE: Andres is a family-biking father dedicated to safe streets. He’s the leader of NE Seattle Greenways and sometimes contributes to Seattle Bike Blog. I encountered this closure the other day on a ride with several people, including Madi … Continue reading

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Sound Transit will finally* open that awesome bike/walk bridge over Montlake Blvd Wednesday

UPDATE 7/22: It’s open! And with a quick snip from the @kcexec, the new bike/ped bridge @UW is open! pic.twitter.com/VFZWdvx4OB — Sound Transit (@SoundTransit) July 22, 2015 The core structure over Montlake Boulevard was built years ago, but the unfinished … Continue reading

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Sound Transit wants to allow more time to find Northgate bike/walk bridge funds

The Northgate biking and walking bridge would connect North Seattle Community College and its surrounding neighborhood to Sound Transit’s planned light rail station on the opposite side of I-5. It would also provide a rare comfortable crossing of the wide … Continue reading

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Regional leaders ask for more time to find Northgate bike/walk bridge funding

A group of regional elected leaders, including two members of the Sound Transit Board — Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien and King County Councilmember Larry Phillips — have asked the agency to disregard the July 2015 funding deadline for the … Continue reading

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UW, Capitol Hill Station bike detour updates + Trail bridge over Montlake Blvd could open in 2015

If your bike travels take you near the future Capitol Hill or UW light rail Stations, then you are no stranger to frustrating detours. Well, don’t get your hopes up, they’re not getting any better any time soon. But they … Continue reading

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No TIGER grant for the Northgate bike/walk bridge

An attempt to quickly fill the funding gap for the Northgate bike/walk bridge has failed. Seattle and Sound Transit did not win the TIGER grant they hoped would bring in the $15 million needed to make the bridge happen, Publicola … Continue reading

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Redmond will fund Overlake Village bike/walk bridge

The City of Redmond and Sound Transit have come to a funding agreement over how to build a new biking and walking bridge over SR 520 as part of the East Link light rail station at Overlake Village. The bridge … Continue reading

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Help make sure Judkins Park Link Station has adequate bike parking, access

Sound Transit is hosting an open house Thursday to discuss updated plans for the North Rainier/Judkins Park East Link Station, the only new Seattle station on the Eastside-bound light rail line scheduled to open in 2023. Among the vital details … Continue reading

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Plans to extend Broadway Bikeway moving forward, open house Tuesday

The biggest complaint I hear about the city’s new protected bike lanes on Broadway is the most obvious one: They end abruptly at Denny Way just south of the northern Brodaway commercial area. Well, the city is still moving forward … Continue reading

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Trail updates: Sammamish River Trail repaving + More UW Station detour changes

Here’s a look at some work on major trails in the region next week you should be aware of. First up, King County will repave sections of the Sammamish River Trail near 60 Acres Park in Redmond. Details from King … Continue reading

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The Northgate bike/walk bridge designs are stunning, could be a neighborhood icon

So we’ve already established that the Northgate bike/walk bridge is a good idea from a neighborhood connectivity perspective. But another important benefit of the bridge is the chance to create a truly spectacular and maybe even iconic piece of infrastructure … Continue reading

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Support the Northgate bike/walk bridge at Tuesday open house + A look at the updated concept

The Northgate bike/walk bridge is among the smartest investments the city and Sound Transit can make to both ensure that the planned light rail station maximizes its ridership and reconnect a neighborhood long divided by I-5. But I-5 is wide … Continue reading

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Broadway Bikeway (mostly) opens Wednesday

The Broadway Bikeway is finally ready to (mostly) open. The two-way protected bike lane will stretch all the way from Yesler Way to Denny Way, connecting Yesler Terrce, First Hill and Capitol Hill. The city is scheduled to fully open … Continue reading

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Sound Transit wants feedback on Northgate Station bike plans

While the biking and walking discussions surrounding the planned Northgate Station have focused heavily on building a bike/walk bridge over I-5, there are other station design elements that affect bikeability, too. Will it be comfortable and easy to bring your … Continue reading

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Northgate bike/walk bridge would offer huge benefits, but faces challenges

A bridge over I-5 connecting Northgate Mall and the planned Northgate light rail station to North Seattle Community College would offer immense benefits to the neighborhood and ridership for the transit line. But it’s not going to be easy. First, … Continue reading

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