Interurban Trail near Lynnwood Transit Center reopens

Map of the closure and detour.

Map of the former closure.

The section of the Interurban North Trail near Lynnwood Transit Center is now open again following ten months of construction closure. This significantly shortens the ride through the area while also removing some awkward detour routing along the sidewalk.

Sound Transit completed its light rail and parking garage construction work on schedule to get the trail open for Bike Month. A section of the short Scriber Creek Trail will remain until the fall.

The reopened trail is actually a temporary asphalt path. Some sections will have wide paths for each direction while one shorter section will be a 10-foot, two-way path.

More details from Sound Transit:

After being closed for nearly ten months, the portion of the Interurban Trail between 52nd Ave. W and 44th Ave. W near the Lynnwood Transit Center will reopen on Sunday, May 1. The section of the trail was closed to allow construction crews to work on the future Lynnwood City Center light rail station, as well as the new parking garage.

Users will now have access to a temporary trail connection through this area while construction continues. The temporary trail connection will be paved with asphalt and include a two-way separated section with ten-foot wide lanes, as well as approximately 300 feet of 10-foot wide non-separated trail.

The Scriber Creek Trail connecting Scriber Creek Park to the Interurban Trail remains closed as construction at the future light rail station site continues. This trail connection is anticipated to open in fall 2022. Users should continue to use the detour route to connect to the Interurban Trail at 52nd Ave W and 44th Ave W. People should follow all detour signage and stay within marked trail detours.

The station at the Lynnwood Transit Center will serve one of the busiest transit centers in the region. A new garage will contain approximately 1,665 parking stalls in a five-story structure. Along with adjacent surface lots containing 226 stalls, the Lynnwood City Center Station will have nearly 1,900 parking stalls, approximately 500 more stalls than are on the current transit center site.

Sound Transit is simultaneously working to extend light rail north, south, east and west. After Lynnwood opens, passengers from the Lynnwood Transit Center will enjoy 20-minute rides to the University of Washington, 27-minute rides to downtown Seattle and 60-minute rides to Sea-Tac Airport. Trains from Lynnwood will also serve the Eastside and reach downtown Bellevue in 51 minutes.

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4 Responses to Interurban Trail near Lynnwood Transit Center reopens

  1. Andy Sapuntzakis says:

    I assume the 2nd pgph was intended to say that the Scriber Creek Trail segment will remain _closed_ until the fall?

  2. Don Brubeck says:

    Good news for trail users.

    When Sound Transit says, “1,665 parking stalls …along with … lots containing 226 stalls…” do they mean bike parking? car parking? bus parking? Of course they mean car parking. No need to say “car” — it’s normal and just assumed. Even the transit agencies are completely subsumed in the car culture.

    • Andy Sapuntzakis says:

      I understand that they had to maintain existing “free” parking to receive federal grants or some such, but what was the cost to increase it by ~1/3?

  3. Tristan Haije says:

    I love walking on that trail

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