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BikeLink cards now get you into Sound Transit bike cages (after an extra step)

Biking to light rail is often the fastest way to get around Seattle. For riders who live beyond a short walk to the station, biking is a great way to skip the slower local bus connection (if there even is … Continue reading

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Eliminating bike parking requirements for Permanent Supportive Housing just makes sense

“Not accomplishing anything” is how Tim Parham, the Director of Real Estate Development at Plymouth Housing Group described the current requirement to include a secure bike parking room in all of the buildings it constructs as Permanent Supportive Housing. Plymouth … Continue reading

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Bike share parking still an accessibility issue, but it’s getting better

In June 2018, 4% of bike share bikes were parked in a way that impeded a walkway or curb ramp. Today, that figure is fewer than 2%, according to the latest SDOT bike share audit, the Seattle Times reports. Bikes … Continue reading

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Seattle tests low-budget painted bike parking to make bike share more orderly

Thousands of bikes spread throughout the city available on-demand for $1, what could be wrong with that? The private, free-floating bike share companies serving Seattle are already changing how people get around the city by providing a new fast, healthy, … Continue reading

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SDOT uses bike racks to displace people camping under Viaduct

When a long row of bike racks popped up under the Viaduct at Western and Bell, people immediately questioned whether the racks were there to create parking spaces for people to lock bikes or to displace people experiencing homelessness who … Continue reading

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Sound Transit offers half-price access to Beacon Hill and Angle Lake bike cages

Sound Transit is offering a sweet deal on membership to two of its stations’ secure bike cages: Six months free if you sign up for a year. The catch is that you have to sign up by the end of … Continue reading

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Bike-and-Ride: New bike cage opens at Beacon Hill Station

If you live or work within an easy bike ride of Beacon Hill Station, you no longer need to lock your beloved ride outside all day or night exposed to theft, vandalism and weather. Sound Transit has opened a new … Continue reading

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How Seattle can build more and better bike parking

Bike parking is not the sexiest bike issue, but it’s important. As biking increases, the city must keep up by installing more bike racks. And with public sidewalk space at a premium in many areas, that means getting creative with … Continue reading

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Seattle’s new bike corrals are more versatile, easier to use and cost 1/3 as much

Here’s a rare story of government transportation efficiency: Seattle’s Department of Transportation has started installing on-street bike corrals that are easier to use, more versatile and expandable, and cost just a third as much as the ones they had been … Continue reading

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Portland has upgraded 163 car parking spaces to create 1,644 bike spots

Portland Now Has 100 Street Bike Corrals! from Streetfilms on Vimeo. The City of Portland has hit a milestone: 100 bike corrals installed, and as many businesses are still clamoring for one near them. Bike Portland presents the number like … Continue reading

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Bike Rack News: Beacon Hill grocery gets corral + Sportworks profiled + Biz owner still waiting

There’s lots of bike parking news floating around Seattle this week. Here’s a look at some of the happenings around town: Beacon Hill Red Apple creates bike corral in prime parking spot I first heard of Beacon BIKES’ mission to … Continue reading

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New free iPhone app displays nearby bike racks

A new free iPhone app allows users to quickly locate a nearby city-installed bike rack. It’s fast, responsive and easy to use. Good work, TeknaDesigns! The only criticism I have of the app is actually a good thing: The city … Continue reading

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What do you think of Seattle Center’s bike parking squid?

If the bike parking squid is any indication, Seattle Center’s “Next Fifty” is going to involve some crazy bike racks. Now, before you start ranting against art bike racks sacrificing utility for looks (it’s true!), can we also agree that … Continue reading

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Bike to “The Kid with a Bike” at SIFF Cinema and save $$

SIFF Cinema Uptown wants you to bike to see The Kid With a Bike in Lower Queen Anne. To lure you, they’re offering $2 discounts on tickets. All you have to do is say you biked there. I chatted with … Continue reading

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Lake City’s Kaffeeklatsch wants to keep unpermitted art bike rack

Lacking any place for customers to lock their bikes, Lake City’s Kaffeeklatsch coffee shop asked the city for a bike rack. However, as we reported one year ago, the city’s bike parking program was put on hold due to budget concerns. … Continue reading

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Bike Port in Pioneer Square to close in December

Bike Port, the Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s secure indoor bike parking facility attached to JRA Bike Shop in Pioneer Square, is closing at the end of the year. The service, housed at 3rd and Jackson, is membership-based and was created … Continue reading

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SDOT bike parking program on hold, could be cut

In the face of budget cuts, SDOT has put the city’s bike parking program on hold and has offered it up to city leaders as a potential budget cut. From Sam Woods at SDOT: SDOT was required to offer cuts … Continue reading

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UW bike parking use up 13%

A recent bike-counting survey at the University of Washington reveals a surge in bike parking usage on campus. Bike parking usage has gone up 12.8 percent since last year and 25 percent since 1995. From the UW report: The 2,745 … Continue reading

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