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How To Bike In Seattle: Finding a good route

This is part of our ongoing How To Bike In Seattle series, a collection of posts to help folks get rolling around this beautiful place. OK, so you’ve decided you want to start biking around Seattle for transportation. But how … Continue reading

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Seattle’s new bike map much more legible, still needs to ditch the sharrows

The 2016 bike map is now out (a little late, yes), and it represents some quality steps towards a more usable routing tool. You can download the PDF or even order a free physical copy via the SDOT bike map … Continue reading

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Seattle’s 2015 bike map gets a makeover + How it could be even better

Seattle significantly redesigned its city bike map for the 2015 edition. In addition to updating the map to include new bike facilities, the map icons and color scheme are easier to read. And, of course, it notes the current locations … Continue reading

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City releases 2014 bike map, plans major remake in 2015

The city has released the official 2014 bike map, and it comes with an updated color scheme to help highlight routes with the most protection from moving traffic. You download a PDF version of the print map at the bottom … Continue reading

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