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Nicole Freedman headed back to Massachusetts as Newton Transpo Director

Nicole Freedman has stepped down as Seattle’s Active Transportation Chief after a year and a half on the job. She’s moving back to Massachusetts and serve as the Transportation Director for the City of Newton, just west of Boston where … Continue reading

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Pronto buyout draws ethics investigation against SDOT Director

Was it an improper conflict of interest when SDOT Director Scott Kubly started negotiations for the city to buy Pronto from the non-profit Puget Sound Bike Share? Did SDOT staff mislead the public and City Council by overstating annual member … Continue reading

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A sober look at Pronto’s finances ahead of Council meeting

The City of Seattle already cut checks in December and early 2016 totaling $305,000 to keep Pronto Cycle Share operational, Josh Feit at Publicola reports. This revelation will certainly be a topic of conversation during tomorrow’s 2 p.m. Transportation Committee … Continue reading

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Pronto needs city buyout before end of March, how did we get here?

The hard deadline to save Pronto is March 30. With more than 30,000 people taking 144,000 trips in the first year of operations, supporters and City Councilmembers are scratching their heads trying to figure out how Pronto got into such … Continue reading

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With Pronto in the red, city outlines takeover and expansion plan

Story updated with comments from SDOT Chief of Active Transportation Nicole Freedman. The city is just about ready to take over, rework and expand Pronto Cycle Share. Think of it as Pronto 2.0. According to the new plan, 2016 will … Continue reading

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Seattle begins bike share takeover, budgets for system expansion

With a big plan for expanding Pronto Cycle Share, including a one-time budget expense to make it happen, the city has begun taking a more central role in the bike share system. “Bike share really expands the reach of the … Continue reading

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City updates short-term bike facilities plan

SDOT has released an update to the Bicycle Master Plan Implementation Plan (AKA the “Bike Plan Plan”), the guiding document that distills the 20-year citywide plan down to a list a achievable projects over the next five years. The total … Continue reading

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Seattle hires Boston Bikes head to lead Active Transportation Program

Folks in Boston are bummed to lose Nicole Freedman, who has led that city’s Boston Bikes program since 2007. She oversaw the city’s first real efforts to build bike lanes and the launch of their Hubway bike share system. But … Continue reading

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