Just 4 days left in subscriber drive, and we’re 80 percent there. Help us get to 100!

A small taste of the sweet swag you could get if you subscribe

A small taste of the sweet swag you could get if you subscribe

If you have been waiting to subscribe to Seattle Bike Blog, now is the time. As of Monday morning, we are up to 78 subscribers. Our month-long goal is 100 subscribers by August 8, so you have only four days to help us reach the finish line.

Huge thanks go to everyone who has signed up to support the site. Seattle Bike Blog content is (and will remain) free to all. However, aside from supporting the long-term financial stability of this site, subscribers will get big bike love, some special emails, SBB swag and an invite to our first ever subscribers-only bike ride.

Details on the ride are coming soon, and I can promise that it will be completely awesome and unique (big thanks to Kelli at Pedal Stretch Breathe for her help organizing it). Stay tuned!

Subscriptions start at $5 per month, with options for $10 and $20 plans depending on your budget. Payments are made automatically each month via Paypal and help augment our shift from part-time to full-time on this Puget Sound bike news and opinion website. Since making the shift to full-time, our readership numbers have grown steadily, so it’s working! Help us keep growing.

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