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Despite more than a decade of bicycle activism, Ballard Bridge remains a danger

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is by Taylor McAvoy through our partnership with UW’s Community News Lab journalism course. Riding home at night a few years ago, Haley Keller had to cross the Ballard Bridge with its notoriously skinny three-foot-wide sidewalks. She … Continue reading

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New signal to help Ballard buses could also create a new bike/walk connection

Taking advantage of a new traffic signal planned as part of an effort to speed up buses on 15th Ave NW, SDOT is planning a short neighborhood greenway to help connect homes and destinations long divided by the freeway-like 15th. … Continue reading

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Would fewer draw bridge openings help your bike commute?

Getting stopped for a draw bridge is one of those truly Seattle experiences, especially for people on bikes. Three of the busiest bike route chokepoints in the city are bridges that open for maritime vessels: Fremont, University and Montlake Bridges. … Continue reading

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Here’s how to make the Ballard Bridge safer now without spending a fortune

The Ballard Bridge is awful for biking and walking. That’s been well documented. And the solutions studied to retrofit the bridge to make it better for biking and walking carried one hell of a price tag, perhaps somewhere in the … Continue reading

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City moves dangerous Ballard Bridge sign + Peddler Brewing tells KIRO 7 why a change is needed

Biking over the Ballard Bridge can be a stressful and squished experience. The sidewalks are far too skinny to squeeze by others as it is. So when road crews installed a sign warning drivers of changes dues to the W … Continue reading

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Study: Widening Ballard Bridge sidewalks possible, but it won’t be cheap (+ is there an easier way?)

When it comes to major infrastructure barriers to cycling in Seattle, there are a select few that really stand out from the rest, such as the north section of Rainier Ave, the 520 Bridge and the Ballard Bridge. There are … Continue reading

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Trail etiquette: What do you think of Cascade’s new anti-headphone signs?

Trail etiquette. Stay to the right, use voice or bell, slow down when passing, don’t use headphones, and on and on. There are certain guidelines that make shared use trails work better, and Cascade Bicycle Club is launching a campaign … Continue reading

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Ballard blood drive July 8 will support key Ballard Bridge bike advocate

If you are a regular Ballard Bridge biker, you are certainly familiar with how frustrating it can be. The south end is dangerous, the sidewalks are skinny and bridge construction workers seem to close sidewalks without warning. But perhaps no … Continue reading

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SBAB Notes: City studying options for widening Ballard Bridge sidewalk

We’re trying a new feature here at Seattle Bike Blog. I have been going to the monthly Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board meetings for a while now. Usually, I just take notes and use them to gather material for future stories. … Continue reading

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Ballard Bridge work now expected to continue until early May

If you bike over the Ballard Bridge regularly, you are certainly well aware of the sidewalk closures that have been going on since November. Well, that work will not likely be done until early May. The city is painting the … Continue reading

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Ballard News Tribune: Ballard Locks closed for repairs until Thursday

The Ballard Locks are closed to walking traffic until Thursday as the Army Corps of Engineers works to repair erosion, the Ballard News Tribune reports. That means two days of detours to either the Fremont Bridge or (if you really … Continue reading

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Biking on the Ballard Bridge will suck even more for the next couple months

SDOT’s gotta paint the Ballard Bridge, and that means closing the sidewalks for the next couple month. One of the sidewalks will remain open at all times, but it will be extra crowded. However, relief for many of you is … Continue reading

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Final phase of Ship Canal Trail work to begin next month

Fifteen years after the first segment of the Ship Canal Trail was completed, the city is about to begin work on the final segment that will connect Fisherman’s Terminal to the Fremont Bridge and provide people walking and bicycling a … Continue reading

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Avoid 10th Ave E Sat and Sun, the Ballard Bridge until the end of September

I can’t wait until this project is done. Repaving this section of 10th Ave E was way overdue. I finally decided to stop taking 10th after I trued my front wheel, went for a ride up Cap Hill and back … Continue reading

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Avoid the Ballard Bridge, especially next week

Really, I find it best to just always avoid the Ballard Bridge. I have only taken the bridge twice on my bike: once on the sidewalk and once in the traffic lane. Each time, I thought I was going to … Continue reading

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Lame businesses in Ballard try to further block Missing Link

Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel Co. and their “business” friends are at it again, trying to make sure the Burke-Gilman trail is never completed and that people continue having their pleasant rides turned suddenly into a potentially deadly and violent … Continue reading

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