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SDOT really, really wants you to report potholes

If there is a persistent pothole that you find yourself swearing at every singe day, well, this is your chance to get it fixed. SDOT has launched a renewed campaign to get people to report potholes so crews can go … Continue reading

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Times editorial board, this is no time to be stuck in the past

The Seattle Times published an editorial yesterday complaining about the Mayor McGinn’s recent proposal to increase the commercial parking tax and vehicle registration fees to pay for necessary street repairs, like filling potholes. This is a typical car-centric knee-jerk reaction … Continue reading

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Funding SDOT: Tax parking and car licensing

Like every other department in the city, SDOT is facing serious budget shortfalls. Amid a re-stoked tunnel debate (if you haven’t read Dominic Holden’s piece last week about what could go wrong with the tunnel, do so), SDOT is struggling … Continue reading

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