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Terrible person shoots Ballard safe streets advocate with pellet gun

Some terrible person shot Haley Keller with a pellet gun Monday night while she and her husband Dave were biking home from watching the sunset at Golden Gardens. Keller, a Connect Ballard advocate, Board Member of Cascade Bicycle Club and … Continue reading

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Despite more than a decade of bicycle activism, Ballard Bridge remains a danger

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is by Taylor McAvoy through our partnership with UW’s Community News Lab journalism course. Riding home at night a few years ago, Haley Keller had to cross the Ballard Bridge with its notoriously skinny three-foot-wide sidewalks. She … Continue reading

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Pack these Ballard Missing Link meetings + Business owner’s video explains the options

OMG JUST BUILD THE MISSING LINK ALREADY!!!1!1!! OK, had to get that out of my system. As frustrating and drawn out as the seemingly endless Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link debate has been in recent decades (yes, decades!), we have never … Continue reading

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Here’s how to make the Ballard Bridge safer now without spending a fortune

The Ballard Bridge is awful for biking and walking. That’s been well documented. And the solutions studied to retrofit the bridge to make it better for biking and walking carried one hell of a price tag, perhaps somewhere in the … Continue reading

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Watch these happy Cascade Bicycle Club videos

Cascade Bicycle Club hosed their Bike Everywhere Breakfast Thursday, and attendees saw a series of happy bike videos. I can’t think of a better post for this crazy sunny afternoon. First off, we already told you about the 1,000 postcards … Continue reading

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A video letter from a Peddler Brewing owner about the dangerous Ballard Bridge

This video letter from Peddler Brewing co-owner Haley Woods to city leaders about the terrible state of walking and biking on the Ballard Bridge is funny, strange and yet very serious. The tiny sidewalks further encroached by concrete pillars, the … Continue reading

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City moves dangerous Ballard Bridge sign + Peddler Brewing tells KIRO 7 why a change is needed

Biking over the Ballard Bridge can be a stressful and squished experience. The sidewalks are far too skinny to squeeze by others as it is. So when road crews installed a sign warning drivers of changes dues to the W … Continue reading

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