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KOMO: Sabotaged bike share brakes may have caused teen to crash

An 18-year-old who was hospitalized this week after a crash near the University Bridge may be the first victim of a bike share vandal who cut the brake lines on his Lime e-bike. The teen is in stable condition, reports … Continue reading

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Police release video of person snipping bike share brake cables

Seattle Police have released a surveillance video of a person in Sodo seen snipping bike share brake cables on more than one occasion, and they’re asking for the public’s help identifying the suspect. For months, brake cables on bike share … Continue reading

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Man charged with killing father biking in Northgate had also killed woman walking in Marysville

Derek Blaylock was biking home from the bus stop on his way back from work when Kevin Brewer, 51, allegedly struck him with his pick-up truck and drove away from the scene. Blaylock died within an hour. He was 50 … Continue reading

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Terrible person shoots Ballard safe streets advocate with pellet gun

Some terrible person shot Haley Keller with a pellet gun Monday night while she and her husband Dave were biking home from watching the sunset at Golden Gardens. Keller, a Connect Ballard advocate, Board Member of Cascade Bicycle Club and … Continue reading

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Many people get flats from tacks on new Westlake bikeway, could it be intentional?

I have received at least a dozen emails and notes on social media in the past two days from people who say they got flat tires from tacks on the new Westlake bikeway. Evan Bush at the Seattle Times called … Continue reading

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Police searching for hit-and-run suspect who injured man biking in Issaquah

Police are searching for the person who struck and injured a man biking in Issaquah Wednesday morning and fled the scene. Though he was hauled off to the hospital on a stretcher, Dave Anderson escaped the collision with minor injuries. … Continue reading

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Woman biking critically injured in Bellevue collision, person driving flees

Someone driving an unknown vehicle struck a woman biking in Bellevue this morning, critically injuring her. The suspect left the woman in critical condition on the side of the road and fled the scene without even calling for help. The … Continue reading

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With the problem on the rise, UW Police host a Bike Theft Symposium

Bike theft is up, at least on UW campus. “It’s our number one property crime on campus,” said UW Police Deputy Chief Csaba Maczala. “That’s a good thing, since violent crime is down. So I’m glad we most have to … Continue reading

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SPD officer poses as bike buyer, busts downtown bike theft ring

UPDATE: SPD has now posted photos of the bikes. This is great. I sure hope you reported your stolen bike, because the police may have just recovered it. More efforts like this could make stealing bikes to make quick cash … Continue reading

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Terrible person attacks Seattle’s favorite cycling patriot after Seahawks game

No doubt you have seen Alvin Graham Jr. cycling around town or biking on his roller trainer on his iconic USA-themed bike and matching kit. You may even have donated to support US veterans, a cause he tirelessly supports. For … Continue reading

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Police looking for person who painted, scrawled messages on Pronto bikes

Pronto Cycle Share launched in October, introducing 500 identical green bikes on the streets of Seattle. But I guess they’re not all identical anymore. Police are seeking a man they say vandalized two Pronto bikes, painting one entirely silver and … Continue reading

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Woman who assaulted West Seattle Greenways leader found guilty

In July 2013, Seattle Bike Blog published a troubling email we received from dedicated West Seattle Greenways leader Jake Vanderplas, who was the victim of an intentional assault when a road raging person yelled at him from her car, then … Continue reading

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Bicycle Pull-Apart owner charged with four counts of trafficking stolen property

Bicycle Pull-Apart owner Eric Patchen has been charged for trafficking stolen property following a Seattle Police investigation this spring that allegedly linked him and his Belltown shop to $10,000 worth of stolen bikes. Patchen denied the allegations in an interview … Continue reading

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Police release more details in serious hit and run near W Seattle Bridge

Seattle Police are still seeking help finding the person responsible for hitting and seriously injuring a man on a bike near the lower West Seattle Bridge last month. The suspect drove away from the scene, leaving behind pieces of his/her … Continue reading

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Two people collide while biking on I-90 Bridge, State Patrol looking for suspect who fled

With strong cross-winds, waves crashing on one side and highway traffic flying by on the other, biking over the I-90 Bridge can be a rather unnerving experience. But crashes on the bridge are somewhat rare, but that is probably no … Continue reading

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KOMO: Police seek assailant who attacked man with car in Wallingford

Police are seeking a man who they say assaulted Neal DeWitt in Wallingford Monday. DeWitt was biking to work on Wallingford Ave near N 40th Street when a person driving a Subaru Impreza struck him on purpose and fled the … Continue reading

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Bicycle Pull-Apart owner: ‘I have always followed the letter of the law’

Eric Patchen didn’t build up credit, and he didn’t inherit a lot of money. So when he wanted to start a bike shop in Belltown, he did it without loans. “I did it on my own,” Patchen said. “I put … Continue reading

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SPD: Owner of Belltown’s Bicycle Pull-Apart arrested in chop shop investigation

UPDATE: Read our follow-up story, including an interview with Bicycle Pull-Apart Owner Eric Patchen. Seattle Police arrested the owner of Bicycle Pull-Apart at 3rd and Battery in Belltown in March and today released an outline of their investigation into the … Continue reading

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Seattle PI: Man charged with vehicular homicide for killing Darren Fouquette on Airport Way

Michael Jordan, 22, was going 73 in a 45 and possibly chatting on a cell phone when he moved into the right lane to pass a semi on Airport Way near Boeing Field in the morning of May 30, 2013. … Continue reading

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Thief steals Cervelo from storage unit, replaces it with an actual pile of crap

This may be the worst way to discover your bike has been stolen. From the police report: (hat tip Q13)

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