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Mayor Durkan moves quickly to improve Rainier/Henderson intersection after someone seriously injured 2 kids

Just 12 days after someone driving struck and seriously injured two kids crossing the street at Rainier Ave and Henderson St, SDOT crews were out making significant temporary safety improvements to the wide intersection. The sense of urgency follows a … Continue reading

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Bike lanes are for cars

People do not need bike lanes to ride a bike. People driving cars need bikes lanes to protect them from intimidating or harming people on bikes. The laws in Washington State are clear. Bikes are vehicles, so people are legally … Continue reading

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No, the state’s new ‘E-DUI’ law does not apply to people biking

There has been a bit of confusion in recent days about whether Washington State’s new so-called E-DUI distracted driving law applies to people biking. It does not. The Seattle Times published a story over the weekend saying explicitly that the … Continue reading

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Times: Innovative 5th Ave bikeway and public space in the works

Here’s an idea that’s incredibly obvious and way overdue: Shift parking on 5th Ave underneath the monorail columns, then use the skinny lane to the west to create a fully protected bikeway and expand the neighborhood space. Right now, the … Continue reading

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Yes, Seattle has a parking problem. There’s way too much of it.

There are half a million on-street parking spaces in Seattle, and almost all of them are completely free to use. That’s 60 million square feet of city land, or 1,378 acres. And that’s not counting all the parking lots, parking … Continue reading

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Yes, you can get pulled over for speeding on a bike (especially in a school zone)

Seattle’s Internet is blowing up this morning due to a story in the Seattle Times about a handful of people on bikes getting speeding tickets on Fremont Avenue. As with other schools, the speed limit next to BF Day Elementary … Continue reading

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Times: As biking in Seattle grows dramatically, number of crashes stays the same

While I was busy ranting about a questionable Letter to the Editor the Seattle Times Ed Board chose to publish, Mike Lindblom in the news department was working on a story about how the number of bicycle crashes and collisions … Continue reading

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Snow won’t stop the Riding Reporter (and many others) + VIDEO

The Riding Reporter‘s Anne-Marije Rook made this video yesterday in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood: With powdery snow on the ground and most cars staying in driveways or buried under snow in the streets, many of the adventurous souls who ventured … Continue reading

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