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What does HALA have to do with biking? Everything.

There are basically two ways to increase the number of homes in bikeable and walkable neighborhoods. 1: Improve bikeability and walkability in more neighborhoods, or 2: Increase the number of homes in neighborhoods that are already bikeable and walkable. Most … Continue reading

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Yes, Seattle has a parking problem. There’s way too much of it.

There are half a million on-street parking spaces in Seattle, and almost all of them are completely free to use. That’s 60 million square feet of city land, or 1,378 acres. And that’s not counting all the parking lots, parking … Continue reading

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Is lowering speed limits the key to increased safety on Dexter?

Alan Durning wrote a column for the Seattle Times earlier this week arguing that, in light of Mike Wang’s death and other senseless traffic fatalities in our state, Washington should follow nearby states and provinces by allowing municipalities to lower … Continue reading

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