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No, the state’s new ‘E-DUI’ law does not apply to people biking

There has been a bit of confusion in recent days about whether Washington State’s new so-called E-DUI distracted driving law applies to people biking. It does not. The Seattle Times published a story over the weekend saying explicitly that the … Continue reading

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Governor vetoes delayed rollout of distracted driving law: ‘We can’t wait that long’

In three months, it will finally be illegal to flip through Facebook or watch Netflix on your phone while driving a car in Washington State. Though Washington was among the first state’s to ban texting while driving, the state has … Continue reading

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WA distracted driving law is written for flip phones, bipartisan bill would give it a vital update

Distracted driving is a rising cause of deaths and injuries in Washington State and across the world. But despite being one of the first states to ban texting while driving, Washington has failed to keep up with changing mobile use. … Continue reading

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State House boldly defends right to look at Facebook while driving

The Washington State House of Representatives took a bold step Tuesday to defend the rights of people who choose to check Facebook while driving. Distracted driving is one of the top three causes of fatal collisions involving young drivers. And … Continue reading

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