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Governor vetoes delayed rollout of distracted driving law: ‘We can’t wait that long’

In three months, it will finally be illegal to flip through Facebook or watch Netflix on your phone while driving a car in Washington State. Though Washington was among the first state’s to ban texting while driving, the state has … Continue reading

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$10M committed to rehab historic trestle. Can the Eastside Trail open by 2020?

King County Executive Dow Constantine and Governor Jay Inslee shared the podium Tuesday to announce $10 million dollars in funding commitments from local, regional, state and private partners to rehab the most difficult and stunning parts of the planned Eastside … Continue reading

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Last day to register to vote online! Regional transit needs you

Don’t be one of those people who thinks their vote doesn’t matter because they are not in a Presidential swing state. Today is the last day to register to vote online in WA if you want your ballot mailed to … Continue reading

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For a few hours, two Seattle freeways were bike-only (Photos)

For a few short hours just after sunrise Sunday, two major Seattle freeways were beautiful places filled with smiling people. There were no honking horns and no road rage even as a rush hour’s worth of people traveled some of … Continue reading

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Rethinking Seattle’s Freeways: Mr. Inslee, tear down this Aurora wall

What if Bertha never finishes the SR 99 highway tunnel? What if SR 99 doesn’t need to be a freeway-style highway through downtown at all? And what if that’s true for the whole city, too? In other words, what if … Continue reading

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Gov. Inslee saves bike/walk/transit funding, will create carbon cap rather than swallow ‘poison pill’

It was a weird day when biking, walking and (some) transit advocates were arguing against clean fuel standards, but that was the trap political opponents of Governor Jay Inslee set in the state’s new transportation funding laws. A so-called “poison … Continue reading

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King 5: Inslee backed into corner on ‘poison pill’

Governor Jay Inslee was literally backed into a corner in a recent King 5 report, a pertinent visual for the Governor’s tricky position thanks to the “poison pill” provision in the state transportation package that would sacrifice walking and biking … Continue reading

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Gov. Inslee tries to save face on climate change by spending bike/walk money on highways

Governor Jay Inslee dug one hell of a climate change hole by pushing a highway-filled transportation package through the legislature a couple weeks ago. And now he’s trying to save face by digging deeper. The Governor is currently mulling an … Continue reading

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Governor Inslee signs the ‘Dead Red’ bill into law

It’s official. And Governor Jay Inslee even had a joke to go with it: .@GovInslee at Dead Red bill signing: "Riding w/@CBC_Olympia yesterday got stuck at a red light, almost took an early executive action." — Washington Bikes (@WAbikes) April … Continue reading

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Notes from the Bike to Work Breakfast

We were not at Cascade Bicycle Club’s annual Bike to Work Breakfast this morning, but below are some notes attendees posted to social media (after the jump). Were you there? Any highlights missing below? Let us know in the comments.

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Governor picks Peterson as new WSDOT Secretary

Leadership at the state Department of Transportation is getting a shake-up. Secretary of Transportation Paula Hammond has been replaced by Lynn Peterson, transportation advisor to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. The change has garnered optimism among people pushing for a more … Continue reading

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Dear Governor Inslee: WSDOT should excel at biking and walking projects

There are two interesting nuggets in this recent Cascade Bicycle Club campaign: 1. You should contact the Seattle Council and mayor to solidify their support for a resolution to support improved biking and walking in the 520 Bridge replacement project, … Continue reading

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Election 2012: What might Inslee and Obama mean for transportation?

Democrat Jay Inslee is ahead in the state governor’s race, which is very likely a good thing for biking, walking and transit funds in Washington compared to his opponent Rob McKenna. Senate Transportation Committee Chair and constant roadblock to bike … Continue reading

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Tell the WA Gov candidates, City Council to support bike investments

Do you have petition fatigue yet? I hope not, because I have a few more for you. First of all, Transportation for Washington wants you to write to both gubernatorial candidates — Rob McKenna and Jay Inslee — asking them … Continue reading

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Jay Inslee visits Bike Works, discusses the benefits of bicycle education

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Inslee visited Columbia City today, kicking off the walking tour with a stop at Bike Works. The neighborhood tour comes as the candidate kicks into full campaign mode (and, as Eli Sanders at the Stranger writes, … Continue reading

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