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Governor’s Proposed Budget Includes $20 Million Boost to Bike & Ped Grants

Governor Jay Inslee has released his proposed two-year budget for July 2021 through June 2023 in advance of the legislative session starting in January. He has touted the budget as the “strongest environmental justice proposal in U.S. history”, and says … Continue reading

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The Climate Cavalry Is Us, Councilmember Pedersen

Last week, District 4 Councilmember Alex Pedersen’s office sent an email including highlights from his first year in office. It included a section titled “Transportation and Climate Change”. An excerpt: Seattle is not about to let up on its efforts … Continue reading

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Seattleites Driving Fewer Miles Than Ever, City Report Suggests

The city of Seattle just released a new report on our citywide carbon footprint. The info in the report is slightly out-of-date, as it’s a snapshot of how we did in 2018, but is the most comprehensive picture we have … Continue reading

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Seattle should divest from Dakota Access Pipeline, and we also shouldn’t buy the oil they’re trying to pump

The City Council is set to vote Monday to end its banking business with Wells Fargo as a political act in response to the bank’s funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This action is in solidarity with Native American communities … Continue reading

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40% of Seattle’s greenhouse gas emissions are from road transportation, and 41% of trips are under 3 miles

One problem with Earth Day and many conversations about climate change is that by putting the issue on a global scale, the problem can become overwhelming. You read about ever-increasing global temperatures and our still-increasing global carbon emissions, and your … Continue reading

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