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Gov. Inslee saves bike/walk/transit funding, will create carbon cap rather than swallow ‘poison pill’

It was a weird day when biking, walking and (some) transit advocates were arguing against clean fuel standards, but that was the trap political opponents of Governor Jay Inslee set in the state’s new transportation funding laws. A so-called “poison … Continue reading

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King 5: Inslee backed into corner on ‘poison pill’

Governor Jay Inslee was literally backed into a corner in a recent King 5 report, a pertinent visual for the Governor’s tricky position thanks to the “poison pill” provision in the state transportation package that would sacrifice walking and biking … Continue reading

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Gov. Inslee tries to save face on climate change by spending bike/walk money on highways

Governor Jay Inslee dug one hell of a climate change hole by pushing a highway-filled transportation package through the legislature a couple weeks ago. And now he’s trying to save face by digging deeper. The Governor is currently mulling an … Continue reading

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State will fund UW Burke-Gilman remake, Northgate bike/walk bridge, Eastside bike share + a lot more

Today, the WA House passed the appropriations part of the 16-year transportation package, earmarking money for lots and lots of highways and highway debt. We here at Seattle Bike Blog are certainly distressed by all the new and expanded highways, … Continue reading

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WA transportation ‘compromise’ spends billions on highways, ransoms transit but keeps most bike/walk funding

UPDATE 12:10p 7/1: Publicola reports that the revenue portion of the transportation package is headed to Governor Inslee. That includes ST3 authorization and an 11.9 cent gas tax. However, other bills that make up the transportation package, including appropriations for … Continue reading

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WA Bikes: Write legislators to make sure vital bike/walk funding stays in the transpo bill

Did you know the Washington State Legislature is still in session? It is! And they are still working through the details on a 16-year transportation funding package. We’ve already reported on the modest funding for Safe Routes to School and … Continue reading

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For 8th straight year, WA named #1 bike-friendly state

If Washington State were an NBA team, its bike-friendly championship streak would have just tied the 1959–1966 Boston Celtics at eight championships in a row, the longest ever by far. But, of course, a major difference between the League of … Continue reading

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WA Transpo Bill Update: ‘Modest’ walk/bike safety boost, UW trail makeover, Eastside bike share + lots of highways

The WA legislature is getting closer to a possible deal on transportation funding, paid for in large part through a raise in the gas tax and raises in various weight fees. As with state spending for the past generation, the … Continue reading

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Governor Inslee signs the ‘Dead Red’ bill into law

It’s official. And Governor Jay Inslee even had a joke to go with it: [email protected] at Dead Red bill signing: "Riding w/@CBC_Olympia yesterday got stuck at a red light, almost took an early executive action." — Washington Bikes (@WAbikes) April … Continue reading

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Only 1 in 4 Safe Routes to School get funding in WA, lawmakers now have chance to fix that

Few issues in Washington are as divisive as transportation funding. But communities big and small all around Washington State all agree on one thing: The streets near and leading to our schools need to be safe. That’s why so many … Continue reading

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State House boldly defends right to look at Facebook while driving

The Washington State House of Representatives took a bold step Tuesday to defend the rights of people who choose to check Facebook while driving. Distracted driving is one of the top three causes of fatal collisions involving young drivers. And … Continue reading

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Washington Bikes 2015 Olympia agenda: Fund safe streets, boost bike tourism industry

With a divided state legislature, passing a budget is not expected to be easy, and few bills are going to easily sail through into law. But Washington State has a lot of work to do and a lot of needs … Continue reading

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