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Why the so-called Burke-Gilman ‘Plan B’ is not a solution to the Missing Link

After well more than a decade and dumping cement trucks full of private and public money into design and legal battles over the Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail, I can understand why people’s ears might perk up when … Continue reading

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Martin: Protected bike lanes downtown could be Murray’s ‘first big bike test’

We reported recently on the City Council’s proposal to add $1 million to the 2014 budget. If approved, the change would accelerate design of miles of protected bike lanes and walking safety improvements downtown and put the city on track … Continue reading

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Times column: McGinn was right, road diets work. Now let’s fix Dexter

The Seattle Times’ Jonathan Martin said in a column today that the city’s low-budget street safety projects (AKA road diets) have worked really well. He suggests that the city should do more of them, including a project to address serious … Continue reading

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Is the Seattle Times falling in love with city cycling?

Seattle’s transportation culture is shifting fast. Bike lanes are extremely popular, and people want more of them. Transit is extremely popular and people want it to be faster and more reliable. People want our streets to be places, not just … Continue reading

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