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Seattle Neighborhood Greenways: Disappointing bike commute data is ‘neither surprising nor inevitable’

Editor’s Note: Seattle Bike Blog reported yesterday on newly-released 2017 American Communities Survey data that estimates that the number of people biking to work is declining in Seattle. In response, the folks at Seattle Neighborhood Greenways wrote this guest post looking … Continue reading

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Latest Census survey shows decline in Seattle bike commuting, especially by women

The latest Census survey does not look great for bike commuting, at least as the primary mode that people use to get to work on an everyday basis. The data is especially harsh for women biking to work, a count … Continue reading

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Census: Driving alone to work in Seattle hits new low, many more women biking to work

The number of women biking to work spiked in 2015, according to an annual survey by the Census Bureau (**see note at bottom about this data set). While some of the spike is likely statistical noise, looking at the number … Continue reading

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Howell: As Seattle adds jobs, how are the new workers getting there?

Editor’s Note: Every year, we write about newly-released Census data on commute modes in Seattle and communities across the country. In this guest post, Brock Howell dives even deeper, analyzing just Seattle’s new commutes. What he finds has lessons for … Continue reading

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Seattle’s bike-to-work rate faces challengers from big cities in all corners of the US

The 2014 Census data on work commute modes is out, and it shows that biking to work in Seattle remains somewhere between 3.1 and 4.3 percent. The survey (** see disclaimer about the survey below) has returned biking numbers within … Continue reading

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DC, New Orleans blow past Seattle in latest Census bike commute data

Cities from the East Coast, the West Coast, the Midwest and even the Deep South all passed Seattle in bike commuting in 2013, according to Census survey data just released. Seattle fell all the way from number three to number … Continue reading

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Where people walk, bike, take transit and drive alone in Seattle and King County

The new Census commute data visualization tool is awesome. The data is not new. It’s the same dataset we analyzed last fall when we discovered that fewer than half of Seattle residents drives alone to work. But the new visualization … Continue reading

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Seattle tops the West Coast in walking and biking to work

Census data divers at the University of Oklahoma have crunched the data and determined that a higher percentage of Seattle’s workforce walks or bikes to work than any other major West Coast city in the nation. An impressive 14 percent … Continue reading

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Not just Seattle: King County is also driving less + A look at biking rates around Puget Sound

Get ready for a little data overload. I’ve been swimming through Census data ever since the 2012 American Communities Survey data came out and showed that biking, walking and transit use in Seattle is way up. But what about the … Continue reading

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Times: Seattle joins ‘select group’ of US cities where fewer than 50% of residents drive alone to work

Seattle is one of only five large US cities where fewer than half of residents drive alone to get to work. Gene Balk at the Seattle Times followed up on our Census reporting to note that by crossing this 50 … Continue reading

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Census data confirms steady climb in Seattle bike commuting, driving alone now below 50%

Bike commuting is at an all-time high in Seattle and continues to climb, according to Census survey data. Perhaps a bigger symbolic moment has been reached, however: Driving alone to work is now below 50 percent in the city of … Continue reading

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Bike commute numbers unchanged in 2011 Census survey

Bike commute numbers remained relatively unchanged in 2011 compared to 2010, according to newly released data from the Census Bureau’s annual American Communities Survey. The percentage of commuters choosing to bike came in at 3.5 percent,* one tenth of a … Continue reading

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Census: Seattle bike commuting rises 22% in 1 year, city claims #2 spot in US

Seattle rose to the number two spot among major US cities in terms of the number of people commuting to work by bike in 2010. The percentage of people using a bicycle as their primary mode of getting to work … Continue reading

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