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Census: Driving alone to work in Seattle hits new low, many more women biking to work

The number of women biking to work spiked in 2015, according to an annual survey by the Census Bureau (**see note at bottom about this data set). While some of the spike is likely statistical noise, looking at the number … Continue reading

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Seattle’s bike-to-work rate faces challengers from big cities in all corners of the US

The 2014 Census data on work commute modes is out, and it shows that biking to work in Seattle remains somewhere between 3.1 and 4.3 percent. The survey (** see disclaimer about the survey below) has returned biking numbers within … Continue reading

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Seattle’s plummeting bike collision rate may have stalled

As more people bike in a city, the total number of bicycle-involved collisions often remains flat. Sometimes it rises a little, and sometimes it falls. But the “safety in numbers” bike safety phenomenon is surprisingly consistent: The more people bike, … Continue reading

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Census: Seattle bike commuting rises 22% in 1 year, city claims #2 spot in US

Seattle rose to the number two spot among major US cities in terms of the number of people commuting to work by bike in 2010. The percentage of people using a bicycle as their primary mode of getting to work … Continue reading

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