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Seattle still doesn’t need a downtown car tunnel, but crews deserve a victory lap today

Seattle Bike Blog has been opposed to the downtown car tunnel since this site started in 2010, and we still are. It’s an enormous investment in unsustainable transportation that will likely make downtown and South Lake Union traffic worse. It’s a … Continue reading

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Walk through the Battery Street Tunnel Sunday + What will be its legacy in our city?

The Battery Street Tunnel has been part of Seattle for 65 years, but very few people have ever had the opportunity to walk through it. Well, Sunday morning is your chance. Walk the Battery is a free public event, part … Continue reading

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Rethinking Seattle’s Freeways: Mr. Inslee, tear down this Aurora wall

What if Bertha never finishes the SR 99 highway tunnel? What if SR 99 doesn’t need to be a freeway-style highway through downtown at all? And what if that’s true for the whole city, too? In other words, what if … Continue reading

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We can do better things with our new downtown tunnel

WSDOT was able to bore a little further than 1,000 feet before Bertha ground to a halt, 60 feet below downtown Seattle. That was December 6. A month and three weeks later, the tunnel boring machine has not moved an … Continue reading

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Arrival of pointless and expensive SR 99 tunnel boring machine will close Alaskan Way Trail intermittently

With the arrival of Bertha—the machine that will dig the pointless and extravagantly expensive SR 99 car tunnel under downtown—users of the Alaskan Way Trail through Pioneer Square should be prepared for intermittent closures and delays as WSDOT moves the … Continue reading

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