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WA bill would ban right turns on red near schools, parks and other highly-walked areas

Turns on red would be banned within 1,000 feet of certain places, such as schools, parks, hospitals, senior centers and other public facilities if Senate Bill 5514 passes during the 2023 State Legislative session. The bill—sponsored by Senators John Lovick, … Continue reading

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Banning turns-on-red is an exciting first step to taking back our crosswalks

We’ve all been there. You get the walk signal and step off the curb. But the person driving keeps inching towards you. You try to make eye contact, but they are looking left for a break in traffic, still inching … Continue reading

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What’s that green thing in front of the police station?

It’s a bike box. As we’ve reported before, bike boxes are a method to help protect bikers by making them more visible at intersections. They can also help with turning maneuvers.

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