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Listen: Packer and Freemark discuss rising traffic deaths in the US

While other nations are reducing their traffic deaths and serious injuries, the US is heading in the wrong direction. KUOW’s Soundside asked Seattle’s Ryan Packer and DC’s Yonah Freemark why the US is exceptional. Listen to the 20-minute story. An … Continue reading

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KUOW: Larger vehicles on wide roads are at the center of Seattle’s rising traffic death toll

Traffic deaths, especially for people walking, are rising in communities all across the United States, and Seattle is no exception. We have known this increase in deaths is happening, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic changed traffic patterns. But why? There … Continue reading

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Banning turns-on-red is an exciting first step to taking back our crosswalks

We’ve all been there. You get the walk signal and step off the curb. But the person driving keeps inching towards you. You try to make eye contact, but they are looking left for a break in traffic, still inching … Continue reading

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KUOW and SDOT will host impressive transportation speaker series

Some of the most influential names in recent American urban transportation history will be headed to Seattle in the next couple months. KUOW and the City of Seattle announced a series called “Where Are We Going? Seattle’s Transportation Future.” Featured … Continue reading

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Listen: KUOW on Rainier Ave’s speeding problem + Meeting tonight

Rainier Ave has a serious speeding problem. But, of course, that speeding problem is actually a symptom caused by the street’s dangerous, highway-style design problem. Four lanes of traffic splitting through bustling neighborhood centers and business districts is inherently dangerous. … Continue reading

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I talk 2nd Avenue with KUOW

This morning, I had the opportunity to sit down with KUOW’s Ross Reynolds and producer Hannah Burn to chat about 2nd Avenue downtown and the city’s plans to build a protected bike lane there by September. Burn actually took an … Continue reading

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KUOW: Family bikes and better bike routes key to getting more Seattleites to bike

KUOW has a wonderful radio story asking a question at the core of the recently-approved Bike Master Plan: How can Seattle get more people biking? The first answer is pretty straightforward: More connected and complete bike routes that are comfortable … Continue reading

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KUOW talks Bike Master Plan

KUOW’s The Conversation discussed the Bicycle Master Plan update Thursday afternoon. The program is archived online here if you want to give it a listen. I was among those interviewed. Do I really say “ya know” and “um” that often? … Continue reading

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Even more awesome stolen bike recovery stories

I could get used to news weeks like this one. Story after story of recovered stolen bikes have been pouring in, including this tale from Robin who recovered two stolen bikes in one month: 2am Monday morning July 22nd my … Continue reading

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KUOW discusses the importance of more inviting bike infrastructure

KUOW’s Weekday today discussed the city’s changing focus on more inviting bicycle infrastructure, such as cycle tracks and neighborhood greenways. The segment was excellent (listen online here), and it demonstrated even further how the conversation about biking in Seattle is … Continue reading

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Bicycling won’t make you an ‘elite snob,’ so where did this image problem come from?

KUOW’s The Conversation hosted a program about a month ago talking about the unfortunately-titled Salon article “Are urban bicyclists just elite snobs?” Headline aside, author Will Doig makes some good points, saying that while people who bike are not likely … Continue reading

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KUOW feature looks at cycling in the city and the call for safe streets

KUOW’s Sara Lerner rode along with the Safe Streets Social in September and put together a feature in the lead-up to yesterday’s Road Safety Summit (more on that soon). Give it a listen.

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KUOW takes on ‘road diets’

KUOW Weekday took on road diets this morning (listen here). Eric Widstrand from SDOT was on to defend the road diet projects, focusing mostly on Nickerson, from the fears of residents and so-called business representatives. The same old arguments came … Continue reading

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