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SDOT on how to use two-stage left turn boxes

As part of the much-heralded Cherry Street protected bike lane project (you know, the one prompted by a now-famously polite crew of guerrilla bike advocates), the city also installed its first modern-style left turn box at the intersection of Cherry … Continue reading

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West Seattle adjusts to its first bike box + Price of install drops 30%

Andover-Delridge Bike Box 11-26-2012 from J&S Adventures on Vimeo. West Seattle got its first bike box this week, designed to help people safely make a left turn from Andover to Delridge Way just south of the West Seattle Bridge. With … Continue reading

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PDX Study: Downhill bike boxes may increase collisions

A multi-year study of bike-involved collisions at Portland intersections that have bike boxes has returned mixed results showing only minimal reductions in collisions at some intersections and increases at others. The results have prompted the city to rethink some of … Continue reading

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Poll: Majority of Washington residents support installing more bike boxes

A recent PEMCO Insurance poll found that while only a third of the Washington State respondents they contacted were familiar with bike boxes, a majority of respondents thought they were a good idea. About 52 percent of respondents in the … Continue reading

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It’s time to start designing safer intersections

With all of the progress the city has made in recent years making streets safer and easier for biking, there is a clear lack of changes at intersections. Sometimes the city is afraid of removing current dedicated right turn lanes … Continue reading

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N 34th Street project demonstrates the bike box’s true potential

I have heard nothing but praise and excitement so far for the new N 34th Street bike box, which SDOT completed last month. Where other bike boxes in the city (such as the bike trapezoids on Madison) seemed to be … Continue reading

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More details on N 34th St bike box (with images!)

We reported earlier this week on changes coming to N 34th St in Fremont. This vital connector is finally getting repaved, and SDOT is using the opportunity to make some much-needed changes to the street design. The most visible of … Continue reading

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Bike box and new pavement coming to 34th Ave N in Fremont

34th Ave N is getting some much-needed work, including a repaved surface and what could be the city’s most useful bike box yet. The street is a major connection between the Fremont Bridge and the Burke-Gilman Trail, two of the … Continue reading

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Why we should throw parties for bike projects

Seattle Likes Bikes is somewhat skeptical of Seattle’s newish bike boxes, saying they are confusing. And, it does seem that a lot of people, bike riders and drivers alike, are confused by them (though many people are not). He also … Continue reading

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SDOT’s year-end bike project roundup

SDOT wrote a blog post summing up their bike-related efforts this year. Needless to say, this year was great and tough at the same time. Our city installed miles of very good bike infrastructure, while simultaneously calming traffic speeds and … Continue reading

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Bike box at 7th and Dearborn helps bikers turn left visibly

The city’s third use of bike boxes shows that SDOT has been experimenting with very different uses for bike boxes. The bike box at 7th and Dearborn in the International District will help cyclists safely turn left into the bike … Continue reading

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SDOT paints bike trapezoids on Madison

On the heels of the bike box on Pine at 12th comes a pair of green boxes on Madison headed in each direction at 12th. Maybe box is the wrong word … they’re definitely more like trapezoids.

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What’s that green thing in front of the police station?

It’s a bike box. As we’ve reported before, bike boxes are a method to help protect bikers by making them more visible at intersections. They can also help with turning maneuvers.

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City announces arrival of Capitol Hill bike box

SDOT announced today the official arrival of the bike box at E Pine and 12th that we reported about earlier. Right turns on red by motor vehicles are restricted, and new signs will help all road users understand the facilities. … Continue reading

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Bike box coming soon to 12th and Pine, Portland study says theirs worked

The spray paint outline is down on Pine for a bike box at 12th, in front of SPD’s East Precinct. This is one of several bike boxes scheduled to go in this year. Bike boxes will be installed on Madison … Continue reading

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Bike boxes headed to Cap Hill, International District

SDOT is installing bike boxes at three intersections to help bikes make left turns and avoid right hooks (see #5, #6 and #7 at BikeSafe). From the P.I.

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