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What’s the deal with BIRT? A conversation

Last fall, SDOT released a report on the future of transportation in the vicinity of Interbay and Ballard. The result, the Ballard-Interbay Regional Transportation System (BIRT) report, focused on the big topics of what to do about the Magnolia and … Continue reading

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Queen Anne approach to Thomas Street Overpass to dramatically improve

Today we are circling back to some news that we missed from last autumn. SDOT has announced they will be making big upgrades to the Queen Anne approach of the Thomas Street overpass connection to Myrtle Edwards Park and the … Continue reading

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Rethinking Seattle’s Freeways: Mr. Inslee, tear down this Aurora wall

What if Bertha never finishes the SR 99 highway tunnel? What if SR 99 doesn’t need to be a freeway-style highway through downtown at all? And what if that’s true for the whole city, too? In other words, what if … Continue reading

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Woman spots her stolen bike on front of a Metro bus, gets it back

Beth Gunn returned home from vacation to discover something devastating: Her bike was no longer in the bike parking area of her Queen Anne apartment building where she left it locked up. “That’s my car, that’s how I get around,” … Continue reading

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Bike Master Plan Draft 2: West Seattle, Duwamish Valley, Queen Anne, Interbay and Magnolia

The last day to comment on the second draft of the Bicycle Master Plan is Friday (today!). Email your comments to [email protected] This post is a continuation of a series investigating some of changes in the newest draft of the … Continue reading

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Bike Master Plan: Central Seattle and downtown

This is the second post in a series analyzing Seattle’s draft Bicycle Master Plan update, which is currently taking public comments. This post will focus on the central neighborhoods south of the Ship Canal and north of I-90. Stay tuned … Continue reading

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Collisions drop 23 percent on redesigned Nickerson – UPDATED

Changes to Nickerson St in 2010 have resulted in a 23 percent drop in collisions, the city reported during a press conference today. Last year, Publicola reported that traffic volumes on Nickerson remained consistent, as the city had predicted. Average … Continue reading

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Heavy work on W Thomas St overpass gets underway

After a short weather delay, heavy lifting on the W Thomas St overpass is underway. Crews have started installing large girders that will stretch from Lower Queen Anne to Myrtle Edwards Park on Elliott Bay. The construction requires road closures … Continue reading

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Dietrich: Gates Foundation campus has some swanky bike commuter facilities

Heidi Dietrich, formerly of Patch and now with the Gates Foundation, brags about some of the company’s awesomely cushy facilities for people who bike to work. From a huge, secure bike parking room to swanky showers to a room specifically … Continue reading

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Ship Canal Trail extension now open (VIDEO)

The Ship Canal Trail now connects Fisherman’s Terminal with the Fremont Bridge and provides a long-needed biking, walking and accessible route through the mess of dangerous overpasses at the south end of the Ballard Bridge. Of all the projects for … Continue reading

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Dexter is a next generation Seattle bike facility (VIDEO)

The repaved and redesigned Dexter Ave N has been open for a couple weeks now, and so far I have only heard praise for the road’s design. The wide bike lanes with several feet of buffer space make biking remarkably … Continue reading

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Work on W Thomas St overpass will kick into gear after Hempfest

No, seriously, look at that overpass. Work on the W Thomas St walking and biking overpass is about to kick into high gear as soon as Hempfest is over. Work on the overpass was supposed to begin in March, but … Continue reading

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Final phase of Ship Canal Trail work to begin next month

Fifteen years after the first segment of the Ship Canal Trail was completed, the city is about to begin work on the final segment that will connect Fisherman’s Terminal to the Fremont Bridge and provide people walking and bicycling a … Continue reading

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Lower Queen Anne bike/ped overpass totally harshing Hempfest’s mellow

The W Thomas Street walking and biking overpass project could get in the way of Hempfest, prompting the “protestival” to file a lawsuit against the city. Organizers argue that the city should push construction back until after August so that … Continue reading

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No, seriously, stop driving (VIDEO)

Please, do not drive today. A big part of me wants to believe that, after yesterday evening’s commute from hell, nobody will try driving today. But that’s probably just not true. If you need more convincing, here’s a series of … Continue reading

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A street between South Lake Union and Queen Anne designed for walking and biking

A cycle track on Thomas St from South Lake Union to Seattle Center could be an option for development, assuming the deep bore tunnel project goes through. Geoffrey Wentlandt of the Department of Planning and Development presented some updated concepts … Continue reading

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Climbing lane coming soon to Taylor in Queen Anne

By the end of the week, bikers trying to scale Queen Anne Hill on their bikes will have a little more space to do it. Josh at Publicola reports that SDOT has laid down the spray paint for a climbing … Continue reading

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