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The dark side of bait bikes

Bike theft is a serious issue. Not only do victims lose the value of their bikes — measured both by money and sentimental value — but they also lose their mobility. A bike isn’t a car stereo or Amazon package, … Continue reading

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If a truck filled with salmon can bring the city to a crawl, we need more transportation choices

Seattle’s transportation system is fragile. Decades of focusing nearly all major transportation investments on a few highways has not prepared the city to handle unexpected blockages. A single truck full of salmon overturned at the start of Tuesday’s evening rush … Continue reading

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In Seattle, cycling cops have critical mass

There was a time not long ago when one of the most prominent images of urban cycling in Seattle was one of social rebellion. Once much larger than today, Critical Mass drew cheers and scorn alike. Ultra-low-budget bike repair co-ops … Continue reading

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Westneat: People injured by Missing Link offer to pay for a fix

In a somewhat new twist on the never-ending Burke-Gilman Missing Link saga, a group of people who were injured crossing the railroad tracks under the Ballard Bridge have offered to pay for what they see as a fix. From Danny … Continue reading

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Bikelash? I’d rather go ride in the sunshine

Danny Westneat and I had an excellent chat Tuesday about Seattle’s resurging “bikelash” this past week. Coincidence or not, this week has also had fantastic weather for riding a bike. The frustrations started with the announcement that Mayor Mike McGinn … Continue reading

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