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Bikelash? I’d rather go ride in the sunshine

Danny Westneat and I had an excellent chat Tuesday about Seattle’s resurging “bikelash” this past week. Coincidence or not, this week has also had fantastic weather for riding a bike. The frustrations started with the announcement that Mayor Mike McGinn … Continue reading

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Hiller’s appointment not outside of mayor’s budget

When the news broke that the mayor’s office had hired former Cascade Bicycle Club Advocacy Director David Hiller, many of the city’s media outlets jumped on the news as hypocritical amid budget cuts across many city departments. After all, how … Continue reading

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David Hiller resigns from Cascade Bicycle Club – UPDATED

David Hiller is stepping down as Advocacy Director of Cascade Bicycle Club effective Friday, May 13. UPDATE: Have no fear, Hiller fans, he will not be going far. Publicola reports that Hiller has taken a job with Mayor Mike McGinn’s … Continue reading

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Governor will sign Vulnerable User Bill May 16

David Hiller at Cascade says Governor Gregoire will sign SB 5326 (AKA the Vulnerable User Bill) May 16. This bill has been three years in the making, and many people whose lives were affected by negligent driving came out to … Continue reading

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Cascade was not included in cutback to Bicycle Sundays

Cascade Bicycle Club’s David Hiller told Publicola the club was not included in the Parks Department’s decision to cut the number of Bicycle Sundays from 18 to 12 this year: David Hiller, policy director for the Cascade Bicycle Club, says … Continue reading

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Cascade Director: If I get fired for protecting my staff, then so be it

The Cascade Bicycle Club members meeting last night got a little ugly. But through the yelling and demands, it came out that the club’s Board had advised Executive Director Chuck Ayers to fire Advocacy Director David Hiller, and Ayers decided … Continue reading

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Cascade Director change proves a little rocky: The Board and Ayers explain their rough split

Cascade Bicycle Club has been knocked off-balance this week after the Board of Directors ousted 13-year Executive Director Chuck Ayers, launching speculation, accusations and uncertainty around the 13,000-member politically-powerful club. I spoke with Tim Hennings, interim Vice-President of the Board, … Continue reading

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