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The end of the Bicycle Master Plan as we know it?

In March of 2019, after Mayor Jenny Durkan overrode the finalized plans that the Seattle Department of Transportation had developed for 35th Ave NE in Wedgwood and removed dedicated space for people to bike on that street, it was SDOT … Continue reading

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Seattle’s latest bike plan takes one step forward, one step back and continues neglecting South Seattle

SDOT and Mayor Jenny Durkan yesterday released the city’s first “annual” short-term bike plan in 26 months. That the plan itself was delayed well over a year is a good symbol for how SDOT and Mayor have been treating bicycle … Continue reading

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Here are the projects at the top of the city’s Bike Plan to-do list

So, Seattle passed a 20-year Bike Master Plan. Now what? Well, SDOT planners need to figure out which projects rise to the top of the priority list. The city has released its delayed Bike Master Plan Implementation Plan (AKA the … Continue reading

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Times column: Seattle is now where Copenhagen was 30 years ago + But, hills!?

Nikolaj Lasbo is a duel Danish and American citizen who works for the Seattle Times. He recently wrote a column for the paper comparing the experience of biking in famously-cycle-friendly Copenhagen to biking in Seattle. Needless to say, it’s a … Continue reading

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Downtown business leaders will discuss Bike Master Plan today

New York City discovered that businesses located on streets where the city installed protected bike lanes saw increases in retail sales as high as 49 percent (see full report below). So it makes sense that downtown Seattle business leaders are … Continue reading

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We have reached a turning point in Seattle bicycle safety

What started as a couple deaths after a long stretch with very few has turned into a devastating couple weeks on our city’s streets. After the third death on Seattle streets since July, one question has been on the minds … Continue reading

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