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Volunteer to help pass Proposition 1

As I dive into the mayor’s proposed 2012 budget, one thing is clear: We need to pass Prop. 1. We are looking at $300,000 in cuts to bicycle and pedestrian spot improvements, and it is unclear how long SDOT will … Continue reading

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We have reached a turning point in Seattle bicycle safety

What started as a couple deaths after a long stretch with very few has turned into a devastating couple weeks on our city’s streets. After the third death on Seattle streets since July, one question has been on the minds … Continue reading

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Set for November vote, $60 vehicle fee needs strong vision

The City Council, acting as the Transportation Benefits District, voted unanimously to send a $60 vehicle license fee to the November ballot. It’s not the full $80 recommended by the Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC III), but the funding allocations … Continue reading

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Why an $80 vehicle license fee makes sense

The city is considering an increase in the Vehicle License Fee (car tabs) to help pay for the massive backlog in road maintenance. But the proposal recommended by the citizen’s committee tasked with putting the funds to use also saw … Continue reading

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