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Council puts less-deep transit cuts to voters in November

Transit is getting cut. But Seattle voters will have the chance in November to make the cuts less awful by approving the Seattle Transportation Benefit District’s (“STBD”) sales tax measure. As we reported previously, state legislators and the court-pending voter … Continue reading

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Mayor proposes smaller transit-funding measure to replace expiring 2014 tax

Following the exciting passage of JumpStart Seattle revenue package, which levies a tax on high-end salaries at large companies to fund an array of COVID-19 recovery and affordability programs, the details of the city’s plan for Proposition 1 to renew … Continue reading

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Seattle votes to charge $60 per car to fund transit

Seattle finally passed a Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1. After a very disappointing loss in King County during the spring, Seattle decided to run its own version of the car tabs and sales tax measure intended to avoid transit cuts … Continue reading

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Set for November vote, $60 vehicle fee needs strong vision

The City Council, acting as the Transportation Benefits District, voted unanimously to send a $60 vehicle license fee to the November ballot. It’s not the full $80 recommended by the Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC III), but the funding allocations … Continue reading

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