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Times column: Seattle is now where Copenhagen was 30 years ago + But, hills!?

Nikolaj Lasbo is a duel Danish and American citizen who works for the Seattle Times. He recently wrote a column for the paper comparing the experience of biking in famously-cycle-friendly Copenhagen to biking in Seattle. Needless to say, it’s a … Continue reading

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A carbon-neutral city? Not without more and more bicycling

Is bicycling about being super green and eco-friendly? Not for everyone. People choose to bicycle for all kinds of reasons. Some do it because it is cheap, others do it because it is the fastest and easiest way to get … Continue reading

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How Copenhagen accommodates cyclists during road work

From Copenhagenize: Many construction projects are likely to pose significant problems for cyclists this year. Dexter construction, which is scheduled to begin pavement removal today, will likely prove problematic to anyone who it not extremely familiar with the area. Cyclists … Continue reading

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A post about …(gulp)… helmets

So far, I have mostly avoided talking about helmet use and helmet laws on this blog. It’s just not an argument I find myself particularly passionate about. But there have been a lot of new, interesting helmet-related arguments flying around … Continue reading

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Cycle Tracks and Seattle, Part 1: But the Danes can do it!

The Green Wave in Copenhagen from Copenhagenize on Vimeo. After attending the Great City brown bag this afternoon, I decided Seattle bikers need to take a closer look at cycle tracks and work to better define what we need and … Continue reading

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Copenhagen Envy

In the bike world, Copenhagen seems like a fantasy. It comes up in so many bike infrastructure conversations. When structuring how bikes will work with the First Hill Streetcar, the word Copenhagen is everywhere from the cycle track to the … Continue reading

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