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Sen. Cantwell: Seattle wins $25.7M grant for safe streets, mostly in SoDo

Seattle will receive a $25,654,000 grant from the USDOT’s Safe Streets for All program, Senator Maria Cantwell announced. Under the city’s $30 million proposal (PDF), the bulk of the funds would have focused on SoDo and Rainier Valley with spot … Continue reading

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Feds recommend $60 million for RapidRide J project, including Eastlake Ave remake

The Federal Transit Administration has recommended a $60.1 million grant to fund the RapidRide J project from the U District to South Lake Union via Eastlake. “Coupled with funding from the Levy to Move Seattle that voters approved in 2015, … Continue reading

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Summer Blockbuster Alert: Watch Feds analyze bike/truck interactions in SODO

Watch your back Jurassic World, because USDOT just dropped a pair of videos analyzing truck and bike interactions in SODO that will make your box office numbers look like that goat in the T-Rex habitat. As we reported in May, … Continue reading

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USDOT will host SODO bike/walk/freight safety assessment

The US Department of Transportation is headed to Seattle to assess bike/walk “safety challenges” in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, where major bike commute routes mix with freight traffic. Unfortunately, this mix sometimes ends in tragedy or injury. The May 7 event … Continue reading

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Do conventional road designs put Americans who walk or bike at risk? Rep. Larsen requests Federal study

US Representative Rick Larsen has teamed up with two other members of the US House to look into whether American conventional road engineering standards are putting people who bike and walk at disproportionate risk (spoiler: Yes). Specifically, Larsen (WA-2, much … Continue reading

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Our region’s best candidate for TIGER transportation funds: Rebuild the Burke-Gilman Trail through UW

The Burke-Gilman Trail moves as many people through the University of Washington campus per hour during rush hour as a lane of freeway at peak performance. And it does so without emitting pollution and with remarkably few injuries. Aside from … Continue reading

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Cascade: State rescissions not as bad this year

The state’s federal transportation rescissions will not hit bicycle and pedestrian funding disproportionately this year as they did in 2010, according to Cascade Bicycle Club. There were concerns the state would raid vulnerable non-highway funding again, but the majority of … Continue reading

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Tell the state not to raid funding for bicycling and walking again this year

Washington State budgets an astronomically higher amount of money on motor-vehicle-centric highway projects than any other means of transportation. Yet when it comes time to make cuts and give back Federal transportation funds, as happens often, WSDOT has in past … Continue reading

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