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Seattle’s speed humps cut excessive speeding 80 – 90%

Seattle started installing speed humps as part of neighborhood greenways and Safe Routes to School projects a couple years ago. And wisely, SDOT staff measured speed data before the speed humps were installed so they could see whether the humps … Continue reading

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Canadian study: On residential streets, traffic diversion is key for safe cycling

The University of British Columbia cycling safety research group Cycling in Cities presented the Velo-City 2012 conference with some fascinating studies on the relative safety of urban cycling infrastructure in Canada. Their findings could be extremely useful as the city … Continue reading

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Using example of Wang’s death, Economist argues for protected bikeways

“Calmer traffic is just the beginning,” argues The Economist in a short article this week calling for protected bicycle facilities. To illustrate their point, they point to the death of Mike Wang, who was struck and killed in a hit-and-run … Continue reading

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Signal getting ready at Fremont and 105th

On a ride yesterday, I noticed the coming traffic signal for Fremont Ave and 105th is already in place, getting ready to go. Once it is running, it will plug a hole in the Fremont Ave bike boulevard, which is … Continue reading

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To people worried about changes to NE 125th: Take the Greenwood Ave challenge

An article in the Seattle Times Saturday has struck up the same old anti-traffic calming arguments, framing the project as a bikes vs car project. In the piece, residents express fears of doom and congestion, despite ample evidence from the … Continue reading

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Where did the 2nd Ave bike lane go wrong? – UPDATED

Erica Barnett at Publicola says the 2nd Ave bike lane is probably the worst in the city: Here are some of the many things that could happen to you as a cyclist on Second:A passenger in a parked car could … Continue reading

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