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Amazon abruptly fires its Seattle bike couriers, will try to drive packages instead

Amazon has fired dozens of bike couriers with little warning, apparently planning to deliver one-hour and two-hour Amazon Prime Now packages by driving in Seattle traffic instead. Good luck with that! Needless to say, many of the couriers who just … Continue reading

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8 Stranger writers race to a bar during rush hour (Spoiler: Bike wins, duh)

Eight writers for The Stranger raced from their Capitol Hill office to a post-work drink in the U District, each taking a different mode of transportation (personal bike, Pronto bike, bus, Lyft, Car2Go, personal car, and feet). Oh, and it … Continue reading

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SDOT Director calls BS on the “war on cars,” has ideas for more resilient transportation system

Incoming SDOT Director Scott Kubly continues to make a strong introduction to Seattle, and he recently dove deeper into his views on Seattle’s transportation challenges with Ansel Herz at the Stranger. Kubly explains why a growing city needs more transportation … Continue reading

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Survey: Cycling is extremely popular in Seattle

A recent survey commissioned by Cascade Bicycle Club found that a clear majority of Seattle voters support constructing safe bicycle facilities, even if doing so would require a reduction in general traffic lanes and/or parking. I’m gonna give you all … Continue reading

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Stranger: This is why we need protected bike lanes downtown

The Stranger’s Dominic Holden happened on the aftermath of a collision on 2nd Avenue’s notoriously dangerous bike lane downtown yesterday. The person hit was scraped up and shaking, but was not seriously injured. However, Holden notes that this collision is … Continue reading

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Cascade Director change proves a little rocky: The Board and Ayers explain their rough split

Cascade Bicycle Club has been knocked off-balance this week after the Board of Directors ousted 13-year Executive Director Chuck Ayers, launching speculation, accusations and uncertainty around the 13,000-member politically-powerful club. I spoke with Tim Hennings, interim Vice-President of the Board, … Continue reading

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