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Rainier Ave safety project worked even better than planned, city will extend it south

A 2015 safe streets redesign on Rainier Ave is working even better than expected by nearly every measure. Just by repainting the lines on the major street, the city’s Vision Zero team was able to dramatically reduce the number of … Continue reading

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Support more safety changes to calm West Seattle’s ‘I-35’

Between 2011 and 2014, people driving on West Seattle’s 35th Ave SW (AKA “I-35”) crashed 294 times, injuring 128 people and killing two. That’s an average of two crashes and one injury nearly every week. This high rate of collisions … Continue reading

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City looks to extend NE 75th St safety project, open house Wednesday

Building on the success of the NE 75th Street safety project, the city is heading west to improve safety on more of NE 75th Street and Banner Way NE. The 2013 safety project on NE 75th cut speeding 60 percent … Continue reading

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Right now, crews are making big fixes to Seattle’s most dangerous street

In an attempt to stop the flow of people from Rainier Ave to the emergency room, crews are finally out redesigning Seattle’s most dangerous street to be calmer, more efficient and more intuitive for everyone. The changes were announced last … Continue reading

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It’s not I-35: Support a safer 35th Ave SW at two open houses this week

In the past ten years, more than 400 people have been seriously injured in traffic collisions on just one street in West Seattle: 35th Ave SW. Five people have been killed. If we don’t take action, 400 more people will … Continue reading

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SW Roxbury safety changes a good start, bike lanes must wait for repaving

This has got to be a Seattle Bike Blog record: Four posts in a row about West Seattle! The city is hosting an open house tomorrow (Thursday) about planned safety changes to SW Roxbury Street, which forms the border between … Continue reading

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After NE 75th St safety project: Speeding way down, safety way up, traffic delays … down?

The NE 75th Street Road Safety Corridor project (PDF) has been a huge success by every possible measure. The street is safer for everyone, it’s more comfortable for everyone, and everyone is moving more efficiently. When I say everyone, I … Continue reading

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Safety changes — but no bike lanes — planned for I-35

35th Ave SW is not an Interstate. It’s not even a state highway. So when neighbors refer to this city street as “I-35,” you know there’s a serious speeding and traffic safety problem. And those neighbors are not being as … Continue reading

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We need a safer Rainier Ave now. Meetings Thursday and Tuesday

Rainier Ave is Seattle’s most dangerous neighborhood street. There’s a collision every day. Somebody is injured in a traffic collision every two days. And it has been this way for a long time. The injury rate is so high in … Continue reading

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