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Harrell at Rainier Ave safety protest: We’re gonna take our street back

Business leaders, community leaders, residents, safe streets advocates, Councilmember Bruce Harrell and Zeytuna Edo’s family gathered in Columbia City Wednesday to protest dangerous conditions on Rainier Ave and pressure the city to take action to make the street safer. “What … Continue reading

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Neighbors will protest outsized Rainier Ave danger Wednesday

Every day that passes without action, there’s another collision on Rainier Ave. Often, people are lucky enough to walk away with an auto body bill. But sometimes, people’s lives are changed forever by a serious injury. And once every year, … Continue reading

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Mt Baker intersection redesign could revolutionize transportation in South Seattle

The intersection of Rainier Ave and MLK Way is big, dangerous and works poorly for everyone. Running next to a high school, a light rail station and a growing number of other destinations, the city and neighborhood have been studying … Continue reading

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Rainier is the city’s most dangerous neighborhood street. But it could be the best.

Rainier Avenue will be safer by the end of the year. Every option the city presented (PDF) at a public meeting Thursday evening in Columbia City included a significant redesign of the notoriously dangerous street. And the city is not … Continue reading

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We need a safer Rainier Ave now. Meetings Thursday and Tuesday

Rainier Ave is Seattle’s most dangerous neighborhood street. There’s a collision every day. Somebody is injured in a traffic collision every two days. And it has been this way for a long time. The injury rate is so high in … Continue reading

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Woman struck while crossing Rainier: ‘I have never been so scared and alone’

Here’s a very important story that got buried by all the Super Bowl frenzy: A woman who was struck while walking across Rainier Ave January 23 spoke to King 5 recently about what it has been like to recover physically … Continue reading

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Listen: KUOW on Rainier Ave’s speeding problem + Meeting tonight

Rainier Ave has a serious speeding problem. But, of course, that speeding problem is actually a symptom caused by the street’s dangerous, highway-style design problem. Four lanes of traffic splitting through bustling neighborhood centers and business districts is inherently dangerous. … Continue reading

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Rainier Ave safety project kicks off, two meetings this week

Rainier Ave has been the scene of far more than its share of death and injury, serving both as the main commercial drag through Rainier Valley and one of the city’s most dangerous streets. There were 1,243 collisions, 630 injuries … Continue reading

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Police find Tahoe involved in hit and run of 7-year-old + City announces safety project on nearby Rainier Ave

Seattle Police announced Friday that they have found and impounded the red Chevy Tahoe they believe struck and critically injured a seven-year-old girl at MLK and Genesee Tuesday. Now they are on the search to find the person behind the … Continue reading

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Columbia City shaken after person drives into building + Community walk Friday

Columbia City residents and workers are still shaken up after someone drove into a hair salon last week and broke through the inside wall before coming to a rest inside the deli next door. Seven people were injured, including several … Continue reading

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Help make sure Judkins Park Link Station has adequate bike parking, access

Sound Transit is hosting an open house Thursday to discuss updated plans for the North Rainier/Judkins Park East Link Station, the only new Seattle station on the Eastside-bound light rail line scheduled to open in 2023. Among the vital details … Continue reading

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More details on planned improvements at Rainier and Dearborn

Yesterday, we posted about the city’s planned Neighborhood Street Fund improvements. Among the list of new sidewalks and better street crossings was this item: Dearborn and Rainier is an absolutely terrible intersection, and a big problem spot for a major … Continue reading

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Walk signals are shorter in Rainier Valley, but the city will improve them this year

If you live in the Rainier Valley, many traffic signals in your neighborhood force you to walk faster than if you live in Ballard. Sometimes, you have to walk twice as fast to get across the street before traffic gets … Continue reading

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Weekend Guide: Rainier Summer Streets featuring Bike Works Block Party

This ragtag crew and I biked this machine from Beacon Hill to Bike Works HQ in Columbia City yesterday to get it ready for Saturday’s Rainier Valley Heritage Parade, which is followed by Summer Streets on Rainier Ave and a … Continue reading

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