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Bike on I-5, the Aurora Bridge and the soon-to-be-closed waterfront Viaduct April 8

Cascade Bicycle Club’s Emerald City Ride 2018 won’t ever be repeated because part of the route will be on the slated-for-demolishion Alaskan Way Viaduct. The third annual Emerald City Ride sticks with the theme: Bike on freeways typically off-limits to … Continue reading

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Shoreline announces bold idea for a new trail next to light rail

The City of Shoreline has a great idea for taking advantage of Sound Transit construction to also revolutionize bike access in their city: A “Trail Along the Rail.” Much like the Interurban Trail is a premiere asset for the city’s … Continue reading

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The 2017 Emerald Bike Ride will make a big freeway loop on 520, I-90 and I-5

For the second annual Emerald Bike Ride, Cascade Bicycle Club is scaling up big time. The full route is longer, the start location is bigger and the rider limit has been set at a stunning 10,000 people. That’s 3,000 more … Continue reading

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Convention Center expansion should help build major bike network crossroads

Much of the talk about public benefits from the planned Washington State Convention Center expansion has been focused on the very exciting idea of building a lid over more of I-5 connecting downtown to Capitol Hill and First Hill. The … Continue reading

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For a few hours, two Seattle freeways were bike-only (Photos)

For a few short hours just after sunrise Sunday, two major Seattle freeways were beautiful places filled with smiling people. There were no honking horns and no road rage even as a rush hour’s worth of people traveled some of … Continue reading

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Cascade’s sold out Emerald City Ride takes to the freeways Sunday + Route Map

Cascade Bicycle Club’s first ever Emerald City Bike Ride takes to area freeways Sunday. The ride sold out all 7,000 spots, and I’m not surprised. People have wanted to bike across the 520 Bridge since it opened half a century … Continue reading

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Rethinking Seattle Freeways: Let’s lid I-5

In some places I-5 is a trench. Other places, it’s a wall. Every once in a while, a bridge spans the rushing flow of motor vehicles or a street travels under the immense elevated wonder. But more often than not, … Continue reading

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Is the I-5 Express Trail one step closer to reality?

With the Washington State Supreme Court smacking down a lawsuit by Bellevue developer and light rail hater Kemper Freeman to stop light rail on the I-90 Bridge, the question on everyone’s mind is: Does this mean the I-5 Express Trail … Continue reading

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While I dream of an I-5 bike facility, WSDOT cameras spot repeat I-5 cyclist

WSDOT cameras spotted someone biking on southbound I-5 before climbing over the barrier near Pike Street and disappearing. The motives of this guy and how far he rode on the freeway are unknown, but it doesn’t look like a fun … Continue reading

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Woman injured while biking on I-5

A woman biking on I-5 near the 520 interchange was struck and critically injured early Saturday. My Edmonds News reports that the woman was critically injured. Daina Elena Harrison was riding her bicycle northbound in the far left lane on … Continue reading

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Failed I-5 noise reducers cost half the mayor’s 2011 Walk Bike Ride increase

While advocates fight to prevent a reduction in city walking, biking and transit funding compared to 2010, a $2.5 million noise reduction barrier was installed on I-5 that has failed to do anything. That’s half as much as Mayor McGinn’s … Continue reading

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Reason #13 to NOT drive a car: Traffic on I-5

If you don’t drive a car, you will not have to wait in traffic on I-5. (Though I suppose buses sometimes get caught in it)

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