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Seattle’s baffling short-term bike plan cuts safety, pretends downtown doesn’t exist

With the 2nd Ave protected bike lane pilot demonstrating Seattle’s vision for more ambitious, safe and comfortable bike routes downtown and beyond, Seattle voters approved an unprecedented transportation levy by a big margin. Mayor Ed Murray, his transportation advisors and … Continue reading

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Seattle traffic deaths up in 2015, but serious injuries are down

Twenty people died in Seattle traffic last year, up from 2014’s total of 17 and above the trend the city needs to achieve zero traffic deaths by 2030, one of the city’s Vision Zero goals. Mayor Ed Murray did not mention … Continue reading

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What can Seattle’s bike movement do to help end homelessness?

While Mayor Ed Murray was giving a speech on the homelessness emergency in Seattle, five people were shot and two killed at a notorious camping area where Beacon Hill and I-5 meet. Though information is still scarce, the mass shooting … Continue reading

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What does HALA have to do with biking? Everything.

There are basically two ways to increase the number of homes in bikeable and walkable neighborhoods. 1: Improve bikeability and walkability in more neighborhoods, or 2: Increase the number of homes in neighborhoods that are already bikeable and walkable. Most … Continue reading

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Westlake lawsuit is over, bikeway set to open in the summer

The Westlake bikeway lawsuit is over, and construction will begin soon on a two-way protected bike lane from the Fremont Bridge to Lake Union Park. If all goes according to schedule, the bikeway will open in the summer. Mayor Ed … Continue reading

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Move Seattle saves the transpo budget + Pronto gets oversight + Red light cameras will fund school safety

When Mayor Ed Murray presented his proposed 2016 budget, he had to assume there would be no replacement for Bridging the Gap, and it was pretty devastating. There was an exciting $5 million one-time expenditure for expanding Pronto Cycle Share, … Continue reading

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No Federal money for Northgate bike/walk bridge, Pronto expansion

Well, it was worth a shot. The Feds did not pick Seattle’s TIGER grant proposal for funding the Northgate bike/walk bridge and a “massive” Pronto Cycle Share expansion, SDOT confirmed today. The news comes one day after Senator Patty Murray … Continue reading

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How Seattle plans to fuel its grassroots walk-and-bike-to-school revolution

With parents and students leading the way, supported by city staff, elected officials and safe streets organizations, Seattle just dropped an astounding plan to take the city’s walk-and-bike-to-school revolution to the next level. The plan has been a long time … Continue reading

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Seattle begins bike share takeover, budgets for system expansion

With a big plan for expanding Pronto Cycle Share, including a one-time budget expense to make it happen, the city has begun taking a more central role in the bike share system. “Bike share really expands the reach of the … Continue reading

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The Parks District will fund trail repairs, improve neighborhood walk/bike access

Seattle’s crumbing trails are finally set to get some love from the Parks District, according to an announcement from Mayor Ed Murray. Trails are just one small part of the city’s parks system that has fallen into disrepair due to … Continue reading

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The first ever Seattle Summer Parkways was fun, but let’s go bigger in Ballard

Seattle held its first ever Summer Parkways last weekend in the Central District. Three miles of residential streets linked several neighborhood parks in a car-light loop, encouraging people to bike, walk, scooter or use any other people-powered method to explore … Continue reading

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Party to kickoff the Move Seattle campaign Tuesday + Mayor will speak at bridge where Fairbrother died in 2011

Flanked by business, transportation and social justice leaders Tuesday, Mayor Ed Murray will mark the official kickoff of the Let’s Move Seattle campaign to pass Prop 1. The 10 a.m. press event will be held next to the Fairview Ave … Continue reading

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Right now, crews are making big fixes to Seattle’s most dangerous street

In an attempt to stop the flow of people from Rainier Ave to the emergency room, crews are finally out redesigning Seattle’s most dangerous street to be calmer, more efficient and more intuitive for everyone. The changes were announced last … Continue reading

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Scenes from Bike to Work Day 2015

Happy Bike to Work Day! Remember, there are still a couple after parties if you haven’t gotten your fill of hanging out and talking bikes (as though that were possible!). This morning, I caught the Beacon Hill Local Service Bike … Continue reading

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Murray announces plans for big Pronto expansion at annual Bike Month Breakfast

Mayor Ed Murray announced early plans for a big expansion of Pronto Cycle Share to bring the system to more Seattle neighborhoods, especially to low-income neighborhoods where access to a working bicycle is a major barrier. “It’s not gonna be … Continue reading

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Mayor updates Move Seattle levy, could put Bike Master Plan on track for first time ever

When Seattle created the 2007 Bicycle Master Plan, it was clear that the $365 million Bridging the Gap levy did not include enough funding to keep the plan on track. In fact, the city never even got close to funding … Continue reading

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If a truck filled with salmon can bring the city to a crawl, we need more transportation choices

Seattle’s transportation system is fragile. Decades of focusing nearly all major transportation investments on a few highways has not prepared the city to handle unexpected blockages. A single truck full of salmon overturned at the start of Tuesday’s evening rush … Continue reading

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Move Seattle transportation levy could build half of city’s Bike Plan

Mayor Ed Murray announced a $900 million transportation levy today, two and a half times as big as the Bridging the Gap levy passed in 2006. The mayor’s initial draft (PDF) of Move Seattle will now go through a public … Continue reading

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Move Seattle: One plan to rule them all

Mayor Ed Murray’s Move Seattle plan is a “holistic transportation approach” that “includes a 10-year project list and maintenance and operations priorities.” If you were engaged in shaping the recent update to the Bicycle Master Plan — which took two … Continue reading

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What can bike advocates learn from the Youth Bike Summit?

Thanks to a lot of hard work by the folks from Bike Works, Seattle hosted the Youth Bike Summit this month. An annual gathering of youth-focused bike organizers, the fifth summit was the first one outside of New York. I … Continue reading

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