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TRU’s Wilson: Four steps ‘to spark Seattle’s transportation revolution’

Katie Wilson of the Transit Riders Union has penned a two–part op-ed for Crosscut, and of course they are both must-reads. Seattle’s climate emissions are increasing. And transportation is our biggest offender. We need a lot more people to drive … Continue reading

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Cohen: 2nd Ave protected bike lanes ‘just the beginning’

You don’t have to bike for very long in Seattle before you figure out the most dangerous kind of street: “Downhill streets with on-street parking and turning movements at intersections: Those are problems that Second Ave had,” Cascade Bicycle Club’s … Continue reading

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Lucia: Seattle one of the safest cities to walk, but that’s not good enough

Seattle is one of the safest big cities in North America for people walking, but tell that to the 415 people hit by cars and trucks in 2013. For every 100,000 Seattle residents, 1.15 people will be killed in traffic … Continue reading

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Is there really a bike light arms race, or are we all just confused about what’s safe?

I absolutely love biking around Seattle at night. Our city is simply stunning, and a nighttime bike ride can turn a simple errand into an existential experience. People who have biked through Interlaken Park alone at night probably know how … Continue reading

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Berger: 20 bike shops on 2nd Ave and plans for bike paths all over the city? Welcome to 1900 Seattle

Crosscut’s Knute Berger has started a series about urbanism in Seattle with a piece exploring the first bicycle boom in the city. Around the turn of the 20th century, bicycling was so popular that an estimated 10,000 of the city’s … Continue reading

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