Your dinner plans tonight: Eat at one of these Spoke & Food 2016 restaurants

There’s been a change of plan for your dinner tonight. I know you were looking forward to third-day leftovers, but Spoke & Food has a better idea for you.

All you have to do is bike to one of the participating restaurants between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. and eat. That’s it!

Twenty percent of your dinner bill will be donated to the Hunger Intervention Program. People who don’t bike will also contribute to the fundraiser, but only people who bike will have a chance to win a backpack of goodies.

Since 2010, Spoke & Food has been helping different non-profits raise funds with one evening of biking to dinner each summer (Note: Spoke & Food has been advertising on Seattle Bike Blog).

More location details available on the Spoke & Food website. Invite your friends on Facebook.


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Finally, a trip-planning app that mixes bike share and transit

I am here. I want to get there as quickly and easily as possible. I have a Pronto bike share key and an ORCA Card. What’s my best route?

Popular trip-planning apps like Google Maps or the Transit App assume you are walking to catch the bus or train. Like so many people in Seattle, I would love to bike all or part of the trip if that will save me time. But those apps don’t mix modes. You are either biking or taking transit, never biking to catch transit.

But Citymapper has finally changed that. The iOS and Android app is pioneering multimodal urban transportation trip planning by showing you the fastest ways to get where you’re going using all the transportation assets available to you (it will also combine transit and ride-sharing if you’re into that). And no surprise, combining bikes and transit is often the fastest way to get around.

Here’s an example: Say I want to get from Central Co-op at 16th and Madison to the College Inn Pub on the Ave. I could walk to 23rd Ave to catch the 48 and get there in an estimated 33 minutes (depending on bus timing and traffic, of course). This is the fastest walking + transit option. Or I could save six minutes by hopping on Pronto and biking to Capitol Hill Station, then taking the train to UW Station, then hopping on another Pronto and biking to the pub:

IMG_5383 Continue reading

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Bike and transit advocacy should work together, meetup Saturday

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 11.47.21 AMWashington State’s downtown Seattle highway tunnel is at least $223 million over budget and 2 and a half years behind schedule. All for one highway tunnel expected to carry 40,000 motor vehicles per day once it opens with no transit and no walking or biking access.

When thinking about urban transportation in terms of mega-projects like the highway tunnel, it’s easy to forget that we can dramatically increase mobility in our city just by making better use of our city streets. Streets with efficient and frequent transit, comfortable sidewalks and crosswalks, and safe and connected bike lanes can carry huge numbers of people. Multimodal streets are also better for small businesses and are more enjoyable places to be. Importantly, renovating streets costs a tiny fraction as much as a highway tunnel, even if that tunnel is on-budget (though mega-projects rarely are).

If safe streets advocates and transit supporters can advocate together, the multimodal corridor projects (partially) funded by the Move Seattle levy could be amazing. But if these projects pit transit against walking and biking safety (see also: Eastlake Ave), they will fall apart.

That’s why Seattle Transit Blog, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Cascade Bicycle Club, Transportation Choices Coalition and Feet First are hosting a multimodal meetup 1 p.m. Saturday (Seattle Bike Blog would be there, but I’m out of town visiting family). Swing by the Impact Hub at 2nd and Washington in Pioneer Square to get involved.

More details from the Facebook event: Continue reading

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SDOT is “microsurfacing” notorious stretch of the Missing Link

Don’t worry, the city isn’t removing the two-way bike lane on the Ballard Missing Link.

Readers have been asking why the bikeway stripes on NW 45th Street between Fred Meyer and the Ballard Bridge have been removed, as shown in this photo from Peddler Brewing:

At first it was a mystery. No bike or trail advocates I asked knew anything about it. But then Kevin from the Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail dug this up: It’s part of the city’s ongoing microsurfacing work (more info in this PDF).

Microsurfacing is a method for adding an estimated ten years to a road surface before it needs to be fully repaved. Unlike chip sealing, a method that leaves behind lots of bumpy, loose gravel, microsurfacing should be bike-safe.

I’ve asked SDOT for info on expected closure times and detours, and I’ll update when I hear back (though I’m traveling with family today, so I may be slow).

Here’s a map of streets in the area getting the microsealing treatment this summer: Continue reading

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Plan ahead: U Bridge will be closed next three weekends

UniversityBr_DetourMap_finalThe University Bridge will be closed for the next three weekends, so plan ahead. Because the detour is going to be rough.

All people driving, biking and walking will be detoured from as early as 8 p.m. Friday to as late as 5 a.m. Monday. This closure will be repeated July 29 – August 1 and August 5 – 8.

Because the I-5 Express Trail is not real (yet), the only options for people on foot or bike trying to cross the Ship Canal Trail are the Montlake Bridge, Fremont Bridge or transit (U Link definitely makes this detour easier for people headed to Capitol Hill and downtown).

Though the city recently installed very needed speed cushions on Boyer Ave E to calm the cut-through traffic on that street, it still is not a fun street to bike on. It’s the flattest and most direct route between the bridges, but you have to be comfortable biking mixed with busy traffic to use it.

The good news is that this closure is needed to make significant and long-needed safety improvements to the north end U Bridge approaches. This work should finally end the disappearing bike lane problems in both north and south directions: Continue reading

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Times: Seattle settles Kung estate claim for $3.5 million

Photo taken September 1, 2014

Photo taken September 1, 2014

Seattle has settled a claim with the estate of the late Sher Kung for $3.5 million, the Seattle Times reports.

Kung was killed at 2nd and University in August 2014 just ten days before the dangerous paint-only bike lane on the street was upgraded to a protected bike lane. Though the person who turned the truck into her path had been texting around the time of the collision, he was not charged.

Kung was a new mother on her way to work as an attorney at Perkins Coie. She had already made a big splash in her young career by working on a case that helped overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Some details of the settlement are confidential, the Times reports: Continue reading

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Pronto releases a #SalmonBike into the wild

Promo image from Pronto.

Promo image from Pronto.

Pronto Cycle Share has released its third “unicorn” bike into the system: The #SalmonBike.

Like the bike share system’s popular Pride-themed “glam” bike in 2015, there is only one red-scaled #SalmonBike out of the 500 bikes in the fleet. If you find it, post about it on social media using its hashtag to be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes from area businesses. Pronto will also donate $3 to Save Our Wild Salmon for each spotting posted to social media.

You can simply hope to happen upon it, but the odds aren’t great. If you really want to find it, you’ll probably have to go fishing by biking from station to station looking for it. Not a bad way to spend a day.

You only have until August 7 to find it.

More details from Pronto: Continue reading

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