Bicycle Sunday is this weekend, 2016 gets two extra car-free days on Lake Washington Blvd

SundayBicyclePosterWe missed this news earlier this spring, but there will be two more car-free days on Lake Washington Boulevard this summer than in recent years.

The city will host 14 Bicycle Sunday celebrations in 2016, the 48th year of Seattle’s classic, family-friendly open streets event (two dates have already passed).

For the past five years, there have only been 12 Bicycle Sundays, but previous years saw as many as 19, or most Sundays May through September (the event typically avoids major events like Seafair).

The route runs from Mount Baker Beach to Seward Park. Remove car traffic from the street for a few hours and it fills with people of all ages smiling and having fun.

More details from Seattle Parks: Continue reading

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Carlson: Biking Seattle with Summer by Rail’s Elena Studier

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to Madi Carlson for this post. It comes on the heels of several great posts she’s been writing recently on her blog I especially like her post about family bike camping at Illahee State Park. Forget the station wagon this Memorial Day weekend, family biking adventure is within reach. That’s one reason Seattle is such a special city. Also, did you know she wrote a book?

Waterfall Garden Park with Summer by Rail's Elena StudierI had the pleasure of biking around Seattle with Elena Studier Tuesday, visiting as part of her Summer by Rail trip.

From the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP) press release:

With school and finals behind her, college sophomore Elena Studier this summer is taking her bike on an epic 38-day multi-modal “road trip” across the country by rail, visiting more than 18 cities and 15 states. Studier, 20, spent her school year interning with NARP and sketching out her big adventure. She kicks off her trip in New York City and will make stops in 20 locations—including Glacier National Park in Montana–before concluding more than 10,000 miles later in Washington, D.C. on June 20, 2016.

She’s about a quarter of the way through her trip, having visited six cities over nine days.

I caught up with Elena and Sean Jeans-Gail of NARP shortly after her arrival to the Emerald City, at Zeitgeist Coffee, conveniently close to King Street Station. They were just wrapping up a meeting with representatives from Sound Transit, whose offices are in Union Station, our former train station, located just across the street from King Street Station. The lobby, the Great Hall of Union Station, is open to the public and worth checking out.

I was doubly excited about the opportunity to connect with Elena, having just taken the train with my bike the day before. My trip was a pretty exciting one–something was going wrong with the radiator and just before we made it to Tacoma where they would add more water we stopped to let a train go by in the other direction and couldn’t get started again. A freight engine came 12 miles down from Tacoma to take us the rest of the way to Seattle and we were only an hour and a half late. I add this to a growing list of Amtrak Cascades mishaps with: Continue reading

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Woman who crashed along First Hill Streetcar route passes away

Desiree McCloud.

Desiree McCloud.

A week and a half after a bad bike crash along the First Hill Streetcar route, Desiree McCloud passed away Tuesday.

We send our deepest condolences to her friends and family.

A message on a fundraising page set up to support her and her recovery announced the sad news late Tuesday. Any funds beyond her funeral costs will be donated to the Girl Scouts, where Desiree was a troop leader:

As many of you probably heard, Desiree passed away this morning. I want to thank everyone who donated here; the amount of love and support shown here and elsewhere was amazing. Thank you.

As promised, the funds you donated here will be used to pay medical bills, help cover the costs of her funeral, and any remainder will be donated to the Girl Scouts.

Her friend Greg describes Desiree as an “amazing person and a great friend.” From an email to Seattle Bike Blog (see many more notes at the bottom of this post): Continue reading

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Times: Stop building places for people until we can fit more cars

The Seattle 2035 plan assumes that congestion is already bad enough, so we should try to maintain current car levels downtown and grow other modes. Brier Dudley calls this a "war on cars."

The Seattle 2035 plan assumes that congestion downtown is already bad enough, so we should try to maintain current car levels and grow other modes to accommodate new homes and jobs. Brier Dudley calls this a “war on cars.”

Seattle Times Editorial Board Member Brier Dudley penned his magnum opus on the rights of cars in Seattle this week, arguing that Seattle should stop building places for people to live and work until we can figure out how to get more cars into the city.

And he exhumed the “WAR ON CARS” rotting horse carcass so he could kick it a few more times, just to illustrate his point. No, I’m not joking. Here’s his opening:

Seattle can no longer deny it’s engaged in a war on cars.

Mayor Ed Murray’s new growth plan is a shock-and-awe campaign targeting anyone who dares to drive in, through or around Seattle.

Shock-and-awe! Donald Rumsfeld has been hired to bomb Seattle’s parking garages into submission. Well, Brier, you’ve got my attention. What is this menacing military strategy Seattle has against the car?

But the most radical change is Murray’s plan to stop using congestion as the criteria for whether streets are performing.

…. uh, seriously? That’s it? You’re mad the city is changing the metric they use to measure roadway level of service so that it counts people and goods instead of only counting cars? Zzzzzzzzzzz…

Come on, man! I thought you had something better than that. Continue reading

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Want to host your own July FREE BIKE ride, but don’t know how? Join us Thursday!

13147622_840532376091017_7258678080184120879_oFREE BIKE is a new kind of bike festival for Seattle, one that puts the creativity and leadership in the hands of people like you.

Yes, you.

Our goal is to pack early July with so much bike fun you won’t possibly be able to do it all, and we need your help.

FREE BIKE is a people-powered, DIY bicycle festival running July 1 – 10 where everyone is invited to host their own bike rides and events. It’s your idea, and you make it happen. Just submit your idea to the FREE BIKE calendar and we will help spread the word. It’s free and easy.

We are also hosting our first ever optional FREE BIKE Planning Party 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Pike Brewing. If you

  • want to help with the festival
  • get ideas from the group about how to refine an event or ride idea
  • learn some tips for leading group rides
  • learn how to promote your FREE BIKE event or
  • just want to hang out and talk about bike fun

then join us! Continue reading

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Yesler bridge work starts today + Will they build the right kind of bike lanes?

yeslerPreConstructionDisplayBoards-detourA $19.8 million project to rehab the historic Yesler Way bridge downtown starts today.

Yesler Way will be under construction from 6th to 3rd Avenues downtown until fall 2017. You should also expect construction and detours on 4th and 5th Avenues.

The city recently extended the 2nd Ave bike lane to S Washington St, so people biking westbound (downhill) on Yesler can make a left at the stop sign at 6th Ave, then go right on Washington to reach the bike lanes on 2nd. But note that this is pretty steep (I don’t expect too many people to head eastbound on this route).

When the project is complete, there will be a raised seven-foot bike lane under the bridge on 4th Ave where the current bike lane is located:

Presentation_YeslerBridgeRehabProject-schem Continue reading

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Happy Bike Everywhere Day! Map of stations + after parties

Happy Bike Everywhere Day!

Above is a map of commute stations around the region. Take your time and take the long way to work this morning. And if you don’t have work this morning, even better! The secret of Bike Everywhere Day (formerly Bike to Work Day) is that its more fun if you don’t actually have to go to work.

3A9D583F-F5F7-4457-8F02-E75DFC98B6AAAnd don’t forget that you can get a free 24-hour pass to ride Pronto Cycle Share today (unlimited 30-minute trips). So if you still haven’t even tried it, go out of your way to make it happen. Even a trip around the block will at least let you get the feel for it.

To get your free Pronto pass, you need to fill out this very short form online. They will email you a promo code to use at the kiosk.

Aside from the commute stations in the morning, you can also swing by one (or more) after parties this afternoon:

  • 5 Bike Everywhere Day After Party hosted by Velo Bike Shop & ViaBike
    Sixth Avenue & Blanchard, Downtown Seattle, 4:30–6:30 p.m.
  • Bike Everywhere Bash at 192 Brewing in Kenmore, 4–7 p.m.
  • Redmond Bike Bash at Redmond Central Connector Park, 4–7 p.m.

More details from Cascade: Continue reading

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