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After long community process crafts compromise Westlake bikeway plan, ‘superyacht’ marina sues anyway

For more than a year, a group of Westlake residents, business owners, industry leaders and community members — including people who walk, bike and drive — have been meeting regularly to work with designers and the city to craft a … Continue reading

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More Westlake Bikeway design details + Construction will start in the fall

After an extensive and essentially unprecedented community planning process (at least for a bikeway project), the city is moving into more detailed final design work for the Westlake Bikeway, which will connect the Fremont Bridge and Lake Union Park. After … Continue reading

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Final Westlake Bikeway open house is Wednesday + A look at updated plans

The city is just about ready to show off its design for the Westlake Bikeway after many community meetings big and small and more than a year and a half of debates about the plan to provide a safe space … Continue reading

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Some updates on the Westlake bikeway design

The city revealed a few more details about the developing plans for the Westlake bikeway. In documents presented to the Design Advisory Committee in August, planners appear to be primarily focused on the so-called “sidewalk concept,” which would route a … Continue reading

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City’s plans for a Westlake bikeway continue to evolve

Plans for a safer and more comfortable Westlake Avenue continue to develop, and the city is now looking at two options: One that runs next to the existing sidewalk and one that runs down the center of the parking aisle. … Continue reading

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An early look at two options for a Westlake bikeway + Parking studies show project could be a win-win

After conducting exhaustive parking studies and some preliminary feasibility work, planners have come up with two rough concepts for the Westlake bikeway. The plans are general concepts that planners brought before the Westlake Design Advisory Committee earlier this week to … Continue reading

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