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City installs traffic signal at former site of guerilla crosswalk + Celebration Saturday

Five months after SDOT removed an illegal anonymously-painted crosswalk at 83rd and Greenwood, the department has opened a new signalized and official crosswalk at the same location. The crossing had been a missing link in the N 83rd Street neighborhood … Continue reading

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City adding sidewalks, bus islands to Greenwood Ave between 90th and 105th

The city is in the final stages of designing a big upgrade to Greenwood Ave N between N 90th and 105th Streets, a busy street with few sidewalks and inadequate bus stops. Billed as a transit improvements project, most the … Continue reading

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We are failing our kids: A look at Seattle’s terrifyingly normal streets

I was poking around Google Maps over the weekend when I stumbled on a Street View scene that made me stop in my tracks. This group of kids, holding hands, escorted by two adults have to run to make sure … Continue reading

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Greenwood Ave changes feel natural

Remember back when you could be riding your bike pleasantly along a relatively calm Greenwood Ave headed north, then you would reach 85th and the road would become a four-lane highway? The cars that were so recently calm would speed … Continue reading

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Greenwood Ave changes coming next month

You know how Greenwood Ave is a totally comfortable place to ride headed north, then you hit 85th and it’s all like, AHHHHHHHHH! Well, that’s set to change in the next month or so. SDOT has decided to move forward … Continue reading

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