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Chicago’s streets feel less mean when you’re on a Divvy bike

I have been out of town since Seattle’s bike share system launched, so to deal with my intense Pronto jealousy I had to check out some Divvy bikes while in Chicago. I grew up in St. Louis and went to … Continue reading

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Andersen: Using plastic posts instead of curbs, Seattle plans to reduce the cost of protected bike lanes

Which is better for bike lanes: concrete curbs or plastic posts? In the small, fast-growing world of the protected bike lane, Seattle is the city of physical beauty. I won’t lie to you: my organization, which helps U.S. cities build … Continue reading

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Mayor McGinn to Rahm Emanuel: Seattle will keep its bikers, thank you

In his State of the City address Tuesday, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn responded to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s threat to lure Seattle’s tech jobs to his city by creating a world-class bike lane network. We’re going to build world-class, safe … Continue reading

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Chicago Mayor: I want Seattle’s bikers and the jobs that come with them

The great cities of the Pacific Northwest no longer have a free ride as the top bicycling cities in the United States. While Portland and Seattle have spent the past couple years making calculated, political moves to incrementally improve the … Continue reading

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Seattle, cycle tracks can be built easily and quickly

Chicago is currently installing some of the last miles of new bike lanes the city has planned for 2012: A two-way cycle track on N Dearborn Street through the incredibly dense and busy downtown Loop. The downtown project is part … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Craig Etheridge wins 2012 Cycle Messenger World Championships

Seattle’s Craig Etheridge is, once again, the top bike messenger in the world. He claimed the top spot in Chicago over the weekend to claim his second Cycle Messenger World Championship title (the first was in Guatemala in 2010). Seattle’s … Continue reading

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Chicago’s separated bike lanes work — It’s time to install one in downtown Seattle

Kinzie Street: Chicago’s First Protected Bike lane from Streetfilms on Vimeo. Separated bike lanes work. Really well. People bike out of their way to ride on them. The Kinzie bike lane saw the number of bikes more than double almost … Continue reading

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